What Is a Rager? And How to Throw One

When people hear the word “party,” many images come to their minds. These triggered thoughts vary from one person to another. Food, alcohol, balloons, music, friends and strangers, even animals to some. One thing they have in common for sure: entertainment.

A Rager goes way beyond entertainment; a party so intense that it surpasses any other type of gathering. Going to a Rager is something that sticks in your memory. So, to throw a proper Rager you must give your guests something unforgettable. 

The Essentials

The most important thing you need for a Rager is a house. Not just any house – hosting a party with a Raging capacity requires a lot of space. Nice space. You can find the best high-end houses through Suzie Goldstein Real Estate suitable for your event. Call up Suzie to help you find the perfect Rager house pretty much anywhere in Ontario.

  • Beverage: the main ingredient of a Rager. Almost no party would last on the absence of good drinks. The amount should scale to the number of guests you plan to have.

  • Make a guest list for your Rager. Have them sign in at the door. This helps you keep track of who’s in your house and makes it easier to find people.

  • Play awesome music, and sometimes this can mean live music. Find a decent band and some good MC’s to liven up your Rager. It’s usually best to hire a professional DJ to handle all the noise. 

Setting the Mood

One of the things that set a Rager miles apart from any party is the atmosphere. Your guests want to feel like they belong to possibly the craziest event of their lives. Think of a creative theme for your Rager and include it on your invitation. Anything from outfit colors, costumes, certain hairstyles can make for a fun theme. 

Partying among hundreds of people looking similar to you will put your guests at ease. Make sure to decorate your place appropriate to the Rager’s theme. This may take some time so send out your invites a few weeks in advance.


Get your guests involved and strangers to mingle with engaging party games. Sometimes it can take a short while for everyone to get comfortable and let their hair down. Break the ice with some drinking games to get the Rager started.

Once people have blended well with the party, keep them on their feet with crazier activities like Keg Stand and Beer Roulette. Keep in mind that most of your guests would be already familiar with these games. It’s up to your creativity to intensify the fun.

Other Responsibilities

Security and location are top priorities. Hire bouncers to keep things under control and make sure everyone is safe. Make sure your Rager takes place in an open area, or a friendly neighborhood to avoid noise restrictions.

As the host of a Rager, it is mandatory for you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Find a style that goes well with your party theme that also makes people remember.

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