A Yummy Healthy Snacks On Your Holiday Food List – Baja Jerky

Why eat Baja Jerky? 3 words–Fresh. Flavorful. Exciting.

Baja Jerky is the World’s Most Flavorful Jerky!

Here are all their flavorful flavors:

Baja Jerky’s Top Seller is hands down

Salsa Fresca
– Fresh, Vibrant, Cool!

Baja Jerky’s other flavors include:

  • Traditional – Smoky, Smooth with a Smile!
  • Lime & Serrano – Light Tangy Heat with a Zest!

And if you like sweet, Baja Jerky got you covered

  • Sweet Orange – Sweet, Citrus, Tender with a Yum!
  • Churro – Sweet, Cinnamon, with a Sugar Sprinkle

All Natural, Protein Packed and Full of Flavor!

Baja Jerky ranges from 8-11g of protein per ounce.

Their beef is ALL NATURAL

  • Minimally processed
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No added hormones

Their jerky is made with the best ingredients!

  • No added preservatives
  • No nitrites or nitrates added
  • No MSG
  • Gluten free!

I am just so happy that they have two sweet flavors! The sweet beef jerky is not strange at all, the sweetness is not overwhelming, it is perfect for a sweet tooth to get energy from beef jerky! It is also the first time for me to fall in love with beef jerky which is never happened before. Now when I know I will be out for the entire day, I throw a Baja Jerky into my everyday bag for a protein-rich snack.

I packed two bags of beef jerky for my workday lunch, it was so yummy and made me very full. My whole afternoon’s energy all comes from these two bags of beef jerky, which are full of protein. Now you can get 20% off if you purchase with the code of BajaHeydoyou20.

About Baja Jerky:

Local company, launched in San Diego in August 2019.

Baja Jerky are in over 100 stores in San Diego and Imperial County, and just launched in all 7 Eleven Hawaii stores at the end of October! Baja Jerky is also available on our website bajajerky.com where you can order any flavor in each of our sizes.

Not only are they the WORLD’S MOST FLAVORFUL, but also the healthiest on the market!

Tender, Best cut, Sodium is 1/5 of other jerkies

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