4 Ways a Car Accident Lawyer Can Save you Money

Having insurance that covers liability and your car is great. However, anyone who has ever had to deal with long waiting hours on the phone with insurance companies (theirs or the other person’s), knows it takes more out of you than paying your monthly coverage and getting the right paperwork.

Let’s imagine this scenario: you’re on your way home from work, it’s a little late. Someone comes out of nowhere and T-Bones you. Your car skidded, and before you knew it, you totally lost control of the wheel. You just totalled your car, and the ambulance is on its way. 

This bill can be a pricey one if you don’t have a good car accident lawyer. Does everyone need a car accident lawyer? The short answer is definitely not. However, they really do come in handy when you’re in a sticky situation. 

They Save You a Lot of Time on the Phone

They know how to talk to insurance agents. A good auto injury lawyer can make all the necessary phone calls for you, wait on the line, and speak to the agents. Any accident that includes two cars or more will involve at least two different insurance agents that you need to have an uphill battle with. 

The time you spend on the phone struggling to get what you’re paying for can alternatively be spent working, being productive, or otherwise doing anything useful. Long insurance phone calls are a real drain and can really take their toll on your mental health. 

They Can Help You Get the Evidence You Need 

Having an auto injury lawyer really comes in handy when you don’t know how to collect the evidence necessary for your claim. They know what insurance companies will require for paperwork to be processed faster and will make sure you have it. 

Doctor’s offices and mechanics won’t respond the way you want them to and definitely not as fast as you need them to. They will keep you waiting, and it’ll usually take a few trial and errors to get your paperwork the way you need to submit it to the insurers. 

An auto injury lawyer can definitely get those tedious tasks out of the way for you. 

Negotiating the Settlement With the Lien Holder

Your insurer isn’t really invested in how much money you get back, how much you paid your doctor, or the financial setback an accident gave you. You are paying your premium, right? An auto injury lawyer jumps in to make sure you get the best settlement you can get. 

You don’t have to drive around town in a broken car or pay your medical expenses out of pocket. We recommend you start researching good auto injury lawyers in your area and have their numbers at hand, just in case. This helps ensure you get the best settlement, and you don’t get shorted on anything. 

Drive Safe!

Even with an auto injury lawyer in your contacts, you need to be sure to drive safely in order to not injure yourself and anyone else. Road safety should be your number one priority when you hit the road. Visit the website of various companies, find a car accident lawyer near you, and reap the benefits.

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