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Wow can’t believe it’s fall already and Niko is 9 months old! With a crawling baby and a dog who loves to roll everywhere – keeping the house clean and disinfected in a huge challenge everyday. Pet and children safe products they are also effective are hard to find but we found one!

SQUEAK! Takes the guess work out of making your own products and come in fun designed bottles where you can see the product- make sure you shake it well before use so the EO and water can mix. This line was designed by a mom who had the same concerns about safety and efficacy.


Hi! I’m Jayna. 

A mom of 3 that loves to cook, workout, blog, eat anything related to avocados and dark chocolate and indulge in a heavy glass of wine (red or white 😉 here and there (ok here, there and anywhere). I love my family more than anything in the universe and I may be a complete lunatic when it comes to keeping my family and everyone in earshot of me safe, healthy and informed. I will let you know why you should eat more greens and fat and less meat + dairy. I will also gladly supply you with a list of ingredients you should avoid eating, rubbing on your skin and spraying in your home.  But what I love the most is bringing up conversations that you don’t necessarily want to hear but know you should. I want to change your life and continue to change mine. For the better, safer + healthier. It’s time.

SQUEAK happened organically. I began blogging and posting videos about making safer cleaning products and people just started asking me to make products for them instead of making it themselves. So I did. Well, one thing led to more things and SQUEAK was born. You see, traditional cleaning products (even the ones that say “green” and “natural”) aren’t so safe. The entire cleaning industry (similar to the personal care + supplement industries) is virtually unregulated. So I asked myself:

WHY THE EFF would our country allow dangerous ingredients to be used in household + commercial cleaning applications???

WHY are we still letting our schools spray our kids down with bleach wipes + Lysol? 

WHY don’t more people know this??? 

According to environmental experts, the average household contains 62 toxic chemicals. From PHTHALATES + SYTHENTIC FRAGRANCES that are known endocrine disruptors  (found in air fresheners, dish soap and even toilet paper). To 2-BUTOXYETHANOL that can contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema, and liver and kidney damage (found in window, kitchen and multipurpose cleaners). And then there’s CHLORINE + AMMONIA that can cause acute and chronic respiratory issues, create a poisonous gas when mixed together and disrupt thyroid function (chlorine is found in scouring powders, toilet bowl cleaners + mildew removers, while ammonia is found in polishing agents for bathroom and kitchen features and glass cleaners).

This list is abbreviated, but you get the point. For more information about this list, click here.

I hope you’re a little mad. I hope you are deciding right now that YOU deserve better. And I hope that you throw any products that include this chemical shit storm away. Make your own cleaning products or seek out clean brands you can trust. Just start now. Today.

Our mission here with this little SQUEAKY company is to educate the world (or anyone who will listen 😉 about cleaning up our cleaning acts. And our success will never be based on how many products we sell, but by how many lives and homes we help make cleaner + safer.

Come on. Get SQUEAKY with us.



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