Expert Spotlight: Skincare CEO Travels 50+ Hrs. EACH Month & Says In-Flight Cocktails are a “MAJOR SKIN NO NO”

Eugene, 36 year old founder of K-beauty brand Ceramiracle, spends 50+ hours traveling EACH month and has mastered the art (and products) for perfect skin.  The ONE thing he swears by when traveling?  No alcohol.  “Being on a plane is already tough on your skin because the dry environment forces the fluids out of your skin. When you add alcohol to the mix, your skin dehydrates more. It’s a major no no.”  says He.

Who is Ceramiracle?  Ceramiracle can be found in over 30 countries, and is known for bringing innovative in & out beauty solutions to market. Most recently, Eugene launched the world’s first in & out treatment to protect eyes against cell phones, built an Ageless Beauty Cafe, found a loophole to sell vegan products in China, and launched a serum inspired by the womb.
Star Products:
  • The Serum – Inspired by the womb and a babies “first skincare” — the Vernix Caseosa.
  • Beauty Chocolates for Ageless Skin!  This guilt-free indulgence will help smooth out the signs of time.
  • Flowerberry Eye Illuminating Supplement & Eye Cream – The tech accessory you didn’t know you needed!  Protect eyes against your iPhone.
  • The Essence – Powered by a 2000-year old Korean beauty trinity of rice water, mugwort, and ginseng


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