Posts Written On October 22, 2019


Every parent knows the fear and panic that accompanies a child’s loss of a beloved stuffed animal. Somewhere while traveling between Seattle and Port-land—we never figured out where—my daughter Piper’s favorite plush toy, Mid-night, just disappeared. The loss was devastating to the founder, Vogel’s six-year-old, who never went to bed without her favorite cat. Right then and there it occurred to Vogel: our phones are mobile, computers are mobile, why can’t plush toys be mobile too?

Enter GOPALS($14.95), the first stuffed animal that goes everywhere your child does. Designed by Vogel with an ingenious fastener that attaches securely onto any backpack, the eight plush toys in the GOPALS collection are sure to be a hit with kids everywhere. All of them—Piper theCat,Dash the Dog, Hadley the Panda,Spencer theLamb, Colie the Monkey, Mia the Rabbit, Lukie the Bear, and Jack the Fox—are cute, cuddly, portable, and most importantly attachable to your child’s travel gear. Standing7inches tall and made of durable polyester fiber,GOPALS are designed to stand up to the elements whatever the weather, even as they tag along on a child’s backpack—to school, sleepovers, on vacations and more. And parents will rest easier knowing that their children’s favorite friend will never leave their side.

Parents will also appreciate GOPALS’ commitment to improving the lives of children everywhere. “In deciding to create this company,” says Vogel, “we wanted it to be one that spread joy by doing good–the first by creating a small stuffed friend that never leaves a child’s side, the second by supporting children charities.”The GOPALS Brand has signed a partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation,which is aimed at propelling the world towards a future without childhood cancer. A portion of every GOPALS animal sold will go toward funding and promoting children’s charities.

Vogel explains, “This work is personal to my family. Several years ago, I lost a husband–and my daughter Piper a father–to cancer. We know how hard he fought, and we want to continue his fight by supporting the cure for childhood cancer. Please join us in the effort to ride the world of childhood cancers and save other families from the devastating loss of a loved one.”

Look for GOPALS online at, the official U.S. online store.