Healthier Food Alternatives You Will Love!

Whether people are looking to change their eating habits completely or simply find better options, look no further than these healthier alternatives you will love!


Just the Cheese® is 100% Wisconsin cheese baked into bars and mini bites. They are naturally low in carbs, gluten-free and only 75 calories per bar. While most “cheesecrisps” are air-dried, Just the Cheese® is oven baked, caramelizing the cheese which results in a cheesier flavor and crunchier texture. Perfect for a portable snack on the go, which all ages will love. Swap it for your kids’ Cheeze-Its or Cheetos!

AGED CHEDDAR – Rich, aged cheddar flavor explodes in your mouth with each crunchy bite!

GRILLED CHEESE – For the taste you love, without gluten or carbs. No bread, because it’s Just the Cheese®!

JALAPEÑO – The spicy flavor and kick of heat, with hints of Jalapeños baked right into the crunchy cheese!
Mild Cheddar –  New, exciting cheddar flavor that is less intense, but with the same crunch!

WHITE CHEDDAR – This was the way sharp cheddar was meant to taste, but with an unbelievable CRUNCH. Bite into the crunchy texture and savor the white cheddar taste.

WISCONSIN CHEDDAR –  Savor every second of these mouth-watering gems that were crafted in the cheese capital of America.  The heavenly cheddar flavor lingers long after your first crunch, making it hard to stop reaching for more! 
GRILLED CHEESE – Enjoy the family-classic Grilled Cheese, but without the bread! Everyone’s favorite part is the cheese that hits the pan and toasts to a crispy finish.

GARLIC & CHIVE CHEESE – Just The Cheese® Garlic and Chive Minis feature the great flavor of roasted garlic and a subtle touch of chive baked into crunchy cheese.
JALAPEÑO – These little crunchy Minis come with a spicy KICK. If you like a little heat with your cheese, you’ll love Just The Cheese® Jalapeño Minis.

Over 25 years ago, the founder Paul and his wife bought five tiny cheese factories to create high quality Wisconsin cheese. One day, they had a crazy idea: “Crunchy Cheese: cheese ‘n crackers without the crackers!” Their dream was to create delicious specialty cheeses, but first and foremost to ensure the utmost integrity in our workplace. They thought that their business would benefit and grow from a strong, loyal community. Everyone who works at Just the Cheese® is part of a family, and from this connection they have seen that a positive, supportive work atmosphere can produce fantastic results.

No single person can take credit for creating Just the Cheese® crunchy baked snacks. Everyone involved at the company worked hard to bring this innovative snack experience to the world, and they share the success with the entire team. They have been loyal to one another for decades and they hope that the pride in their cheese snacks is evident in amazing taste and crunch!

Just the Cheese takes 100% Wisconsin cheese, bake it in the oven, and that’s it! Satisfy your cravings and eat healthy while you do it; these snack bars are perfect for low-carb, Keto, gluten-free and other great diets. Just The Cheese® is a low-carb, high-protein snack that tastes exactly like your favorite cheese, but comes with a CRUNCH!

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