Lil Mixins — A Super Easy Way to Prevent Food Allergies in Babies

Allergies are a hot topic for all new parents and even though both my husband and I are not allergic to nuts, we still wanted to be cautious. The first time Niko tried PB he had a bit of redness on his lips! I was surprised but let him try again a few days later and he was fine. Baby skin is so delicate and any new substance can cause a reaction. Just not what reactions are normal and slight and which indicate an allergy. We came across Lil Mixins and it is such a cool and easy way to introduce egg protein and peanuts to babies.

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Did you know that research shows that the ability to have an allergic reaction is rare in babies four to six months?  If parents introduce potential allergens as soon as their baby starts solids, this can PREVENT food allergies from happening later. But how do you give baby eggs and peanuts before they have teeth?

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Lil Mixins makes it easy with their egg and peanut powder.

Lil Mixins takes pure egg and pure peanuts and grinds them into a powder form. Parents only need to use two teaspoons to mix with any baby food.. Each of the powders tastes great, and are safe to use on babies four months and up.

So just remember:

1.     Babies aren’t born with food allergies, they develop them

2.     Parents can rest easy and know it’s safer to introduce peanuts and eggs at an early age

3.     As a result, parents are training baby to tolerate these foods


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