Posts Written On September 13, 2019

New Study: Impact of Music Education on Children

When the dust settles on those first chaotic weeks of getting kids back to school, parents turn their attention to a bigger challenge: how to help their child make the most of this academic year and the years to come. As millions of children settle back into school this fall, Guitar Center is reinforcing its commitment to developing the next generation of musicians through music education by releasing the findings of their research study.  This study explores the effects of supplemental music lessons on the development of children ages 7 to 17 – effects that could be the key to their ongoing success.


The study finds that students participating in supplemental music lessons enjoy a variety of positive effects and healthy habits – including self-imposed limitation of screen time; increased problem-solving skills, time management and prioritization; increased self-awareness and social skills, and more.


Donny Gruendler, Vice President of Music Education for Guitar Center, who instructed Grammy nominated musician Anderson .Paak, is available for a phone interview to discuss key findings from the study including:


+ The role that limited screen time has in the healthy development of children

+ Positive effects for students participating in supplemental music lessons

+ Top five effects for students ages 7-17, after a year of participating in private music lessons

+ More!!


Shelter Dog Makes a $1 Million Heroin Drug Bust

As you know, police departments work very hard to ensure the safety of the communities which they serve. Recently, a number of police departments across the country have added shelter dogs to their police force as inexpensive and highly effective resource to help combat crime. Through the Animal Farm Foundation’s (AFF) Detection Dog Grant Program and Sector K9, shelter dogs are trained to become Detection Dogs to assist police officers in fighting crime.

K9 Sentry was days away from being euthanized at a shelter in Indiana when a volunteer contacted Animal Farm Foundation. AFF recognized K9 Sentry’s potential and trained Sentry to be a Detection Dog. 

K9 Sentry and Officer Allen Connelly of the Town of Addis Police Department and West Baton Rouge Parish Sherriff’s Office in Louisiana made a HUGE Drug Bust over the weekend. Shelter dog turned Drug Detection Dog K9 Sentry detected 4 KILOS OF HEROIN – A STREET VALUE OF A MILLION DOLLARS! 

Traditionally, detection dogs costs for pure bred dogs from $10,000-$20,000.  Because of a grant provided by Animal Farm Foundation, the dogs that go through Sector K9 training program are FREE to police departments and schools. The training period usually takes 8 weeks. Using AFF’s philosophy that all dogs are individuals and should not be categorized because of their breed, each shelter selects dogs to be donated to the program based on their personality traits. Sector K9 trains the dogs to prepare them to work with police departments helping them detect drugs, explosives, and weapons.  To date over 70 dogs have been placed across the country in police departments and schools through this program.


Performance Under Pressure

The madness of the fall season is upon us but no need to worry (!!), international authority on stress, Dr. Terry Lyles, will tell you that there is a secret that only elite performers know, and it is this: stress is good. While natural disasters and tragedy are some of the most trying events for humans to process, changing social and political environments also cause stress, as do ordinary events over the course of a lifetime, such as getting married, having children, facing deadlines, changing careers, and holiday madness.

In his groundbreaking new book, Performance under Pressure: Crack Your Personal Stress Code and Live the Life of Your Dreams (September 10, 2019), motivational speaker, life-performance expert to professional athletes, military personnel, and business executives, and author of four books on stress, Terry Lyles, Ph.D., takes us on a personal journey into the heart of the misunderstood subject of stress. He can also discuss breaking news as well as:

  • How our stress is often the building block to potential health, happiness, and productivity
  • How to crack your own personal stress code
  • Technostress navigation: understanding good and bad usage of technology
  • That people who have learned to thrive under pressure don’t necessarily have less stress than the rest of us; they just see stress differently
  • How to recognize physical and emotional markers, and break the cycle to neutralize the anxiety
  • Tips for moving from negative to positive states

Vichy Debuts Pure Phyto Peptide Power for 360° Anti Aging Results From Day 1

As the #1 anti aging brand in European pharmacies, Vichy Laboratories is a dermatologically-proven skin care brand driven by clean, safe and effective products. Their latest launch is an addition to their award-winning LiftActiv anti aging line: the new LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti Aging Moisturizer.

Every year, collagen decreases with biological aging and exposure to daily exposome aggressors. Additionally, collagen constitutes 70-80% of the dry weight of skin and with age skin’s capacity to produce collagen is reduced by 75%. At age 20, collagen starts to deteriorate and by 40 we are losing 1% of collagen each year, resulting in increased wrinkles, discoloration, dehydration, loss of contour definition and firmness, and a dull complexion. To help rebuild collagen and preserve skin’s youthful appearance, Peptides are essential nutrients that serve as the building blocks to the skin’s structure and function.

Vichy LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti Aging Moisturizer Ingredients

“Peptides are one of the anti aging ingredients that I recommend the most to my patients to combat collagen loss,” says Internationally Recognized Dermatologist and Neuroscientist, Dr. Gilbert, MD PhD FAAD. “Vichy’s Peptide-C combines Phyto Peptides with Vitamin C, as well as the proprietary Vichy Mineralizing Water to help strengthen the skin barrier and protect against everyday aggressors. These three ingredients combined help to create a triple threat against signs of aging, for strong healthy skin.”

LiftActiv Peptide-C is an advanced anti aging moisturizer to help correct multiple signs of aging including wrinkles, dull skin, loss of contour definition and loss of firmness. With a rich, creamy texture, this anti aging moisturizer visibly reduces the signs of collagen loss on skin. Apply to clean skin morning and night, daily sunscreen use recommended. For boosted anti aging results pair with Vichy LiftActiv 15% Pure Vitamin C Serum in the morning and LiftActiv Retinol Treatment in the evening.



A miracle of nature from the preserved region of Auvergne, rich in 15 minerals, helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier function to help protect skin against aggressors.


One of the first of plant origin, phyto peptides are short fragments of proteins naturally derived from green peas that help visibly firm skin’s appearance.


An antioxidant known to help brighten skin and reduce the appearance of skin aging.

LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti Aging Moisturizer is 100% paraben-free, allergy tested, suitable for sensitive skin, and tested under dermatological control for safety.

LiftActiv Peptide-C contains an allergy-tested fragrance featuring light floral notes. This high level, derm-grade, anti aging moisturizer further showcases Vichy’s commitment to providing pure, yet potent formulas to help maintain skin health. Available at an accessible price point of $39 at,, and select CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Target, & Ulta stores.

DAY 1: Improved skin tonicity and visible firmness. 48-hr hydration.
AFTER 4 WEEKS: Reduced wrinkles. Skin feels firmer and looks brighter.
AFTER 8 WEEKS: Diminished appearance of discoloration. Jawline contours look improved.

About Vichy: Purity is Potency

Vichy is the #1 Anti Aging Brand in European Pharmacies. Created by Dr. Haller in 1931, Vichy is among the first French doctors’ brands trusted by millions of women in Europe and around the world. For over 85 years, Vichy has been committed to providing clean, safe and effective skin care solutions to women of all skin types, skin concerns, ethnicities and ages. At the crux of this legacy is Vichy’s most pure and potent ingredient: Vichy’s exclusive Mineralizing Water, charged with the highest concentration of 15 rich minerals essential to skin health, to fortify and protect skin from daily aggressors like pollution, stress and fatigue. This Mineralizing Water is formed by nature in the depths of the French volcanos and impossible to reproduce scientifically. The Vichy formulation charter is centered around Vichy’s Mineralizing Water and combining other potent and natural origin ingredients with sensorial formulations all coming together to provide a clean, safe and effective skin care experience. Discover Vichy for everyday skin health. For additional information, please visit