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When creating NON -TOXIC wholesome organic beauty products Donore by The Organic Face strives on using the finest ingredients to feed the skin. Donore Cosmetics is committed to focusing on creating a Brand that is completely safe.

  • 100 % Chemical Free
  • 100 % Gluten Free
  • 100 % Cruelty Free
  • 100 % Synthetic Free
  • 100 % Free of Artificial Dyes
  • 100 % Free of Artificial Fragrances
  • 100% Free of Toxic Preservatives

It is important as a brand to ensure all of Donore Cosmetics‘s ingredients are the purest Donore Cosmetics can have to create NON – TOXIC beauty products. From start to finish Donore Cosmetics ensures all their ingredients are wildcrafted and come from fair trade farms.

  • 100 % VEGAN
  • 100 % PALEO
  • 100 % ORGANIC

Donore Cosmetics is committed to creating 100 % chemical free beauty products for your beauty regimen.When chemicals are ingested they are absorbed into the bloodstream and sent straight to the liver to be broken down (metabolized) and stored in some of your organs. Chemicals candisrupt your endocrine system- which is responsible for all of your hormones. Reproductive problems, cancer, and decreased thyroid function can result. Your thyroid is responsible for your metabolism. Slowed- you could accumulate more fat tissue. Your skincare can be contributing to weight gain. Donore Cosmetics is 100 % Committed to keeping you Chemical Free and Safe.

Lip & Cheek Pod gives you sexy, smooth, kissable lips, with color that lasts and lasts. This 100% chemical-free, organic lipstick and blush is formulated from pure cocoa and shea butters, with antioxidant-rich botanicals and fine minerals to give you an incredible, silky-smooth color that goes on and stays on – matte, smooth, and non-sticky. This long-lasting,super-hydrating formula gives maximum coverage with effortless application and leaves lips feeling soft and moist all day. Luxurious, rich nude color with a hint of glimmer.

  • Vegan, organic, dye-free, chemical free, petroleum-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free
  • Chemical free safe lipstick
  • A simple healthy formula of cocoa butter waxes, oils, and mineral pigments that go on creamy for long lasting wear
  • Like a lip balm, the Organic Face lipsticks moisturize chapped lips
  • Gluten-free, fd&c dye-free, petroleum-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free. Vegan. 98 % organic 100 % chemical free
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