Plant Therapy Pup and Pony EO Blends

Since Cami’s Hey surgery we’ve had a lot of time to stay home. She’s not allowed to go to the dog park and run around at either swim or at least the first six weeks. We had lots of time and a chance to try Plant Therapy’s Pup and Pony essential oils We have diluted some of these with sweet almond oil so that we can apply it to Cami’s belly and neck for for relaxation. NEW pup-friendly essential oils from Plant Therapy. 

For those doggies scared of fireworks or siriens , Confident K9 blend promotes relaxation and soothes worry, and it can be used for behavior issues ranging from excessive barking and shaking to chewing on your belongings.

You can apply it in these areas or use a diffuser! This is a felt diffuser that clips onto a collar or harness and it’s so pretty!

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