Frozen Yogurt for Dogs is THE ‘Dog Parent’s’ #1 Essential This Summer

Cami has been so bummed since her knee surgery recovery and all the antibiotics she took wiped out the good and bad bacteria. I found the best thing for her! Probiotic Fro Yo from Bear and Rat!

Niko and I went to Whole Foods today and picked this up for Cami!

The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs makes gut health for dogs uncomplicated, and it is exactly perfect for summer. First, the cool treats are made with a handful of human-grade ingredients & they are healthful for dogs. With one serving of In Clover’s Optagest (organic prebiotics & four plant-based digestive enzymes), the cups are amazing for healthy stools & less gas. One cup a day will also help dogs absorb their meals better.

It’s fun. The Bear & The Rat celebrates birthdays, gotcha days & has a motto that “everyday’s a pawty,” because when you’re a spoiled dog, it totally is!

Here’s how to throw a birthday-gotcha day-block party for your dog. Create a Frozen Yogurt Bar. Put several toppings out in colorful bowls — jerky, crunchy treats, freeze dried bits, sardines, etc. and label each one, so the humans know what’s what. Think visually. If you have a cake stand, bring it out so that you have varying heights, perfect for those Instagrammable photos. Add a bright tablecloth, hats for pups & humans, streamers. Don’t forget to have frozen yogurt for humans, so that everyone is able to celebrate together.

About The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs

“The Bear” is a Lhasa Apso who growls like a bear. His brother-from-another-mother is a Rat Terrier. The husband-wife owned company believes in making high-quality frozen yogurt treats & supplements that are fun to eat & make gut health uncomplicated. All of the products are made in a real ice cream facility with ingredients you can pronounce. Join the pawty on

Happy Gotcha Day Cami! It’s been three awesome years being your dog parents 😛

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