Posts Written On August 19, 2019

SMILE! SOX™ for the whole family!

Forget the ghosts, goblins and cobwebs – the most frightening part of Halloween for most kids is not having the right costume to wear. Fortunately, a new line of socks from the makers of the recently-introduced SMILE! SOX brand will make dressing scary an easier feat than ever before.

As you know, I recently went to visit my sister in Calgary! We had fun wearing Smile Sox together with her family!

Introducing SCARY! SOX–a bewitchingly fun line of high-tube pumpkin-orange socks for kids and Moms featuring six hauntingly scary faces ready to go toe to toe with every zombie, ghoul and vampire they encounter Halloween night.


Available now on the siteSCARY! SOX are sold as 3 pair packs:


  • Kids (12” Tube Socks; One Size Fits Most) – 3-Pair Price: $9.99
  • Tweens & Women’s (16” Tube Socks; One Size Fits Most) – 3-Pair Price: $11.99

SCARY! SOX™ are made of 98% soft polyester and 2% Spandex for maximum comfort and wearability.

Like SMILE! SOX, SCARY! SOX™ are lots of fun for kids and Moms! Wear them to a Halloween festival, to the Pumpkin patch, a school party, or on a Halloween Haunt.              

SCARY! SOX are also ideal gifts to send to friends and family or to give away as Halloween party favors.

Commented Paul Hockley, President of Keepers International, parent company of both SMILE! SOXand SCARY! SOX, “Given the tremendously positive response we’ve received since introducing SMILE! SOX, we wanted to create SCARY! SOX that Kids and their Moms could enjoy not only while trick-or-treating, but all day long or anytime during the year when life is making them feel, well, a little batty. We look forward to the successful launch of SCARY! SOX and to unveiling other fun seasonal socks in the near future as well.”


 Helping Kids Wear A Smile Every Day

Taking the phrase “Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your SMILE!” to boldly expressive new heights, SMILE! SOX was introduced last month to help everyone from little kids to young tweens and women share their innermost feelings in the most creative, colorful, and eye-catching manner possible.


SMILE! SOXcollection consists of six different sets of six socks featuring expressions running the emotional gamut from joy to grumpy to playful. Six-pair sets of Kids Small and Medium-sized SMILE! SOXare only $18.99 and six-pair sets of Tweens & Women’s sizes are $21.99. In addition, consumers who purchase five sets or more get 15% OFF plus free shipping, and free shipping is also offered on purchases of $25 or more. SMILE! SOXare sold on the www.smilesox.comsite.

Meet The SMILE! SOX Family                                                                                                                                                                 

Born to help young people express whatever mood they might be in at any given time, the SMILE! SOX family is comprised of six adorably colorful characters:


SMILEY!          Feelin’ happy! Let’s get the day started and have some fun!

JOLLY!             Full of happiness and delight! Come on, let’s go play!

WINKY!          Feelin’ mischievous? Or playful? Let’s stir the pot a little!

                        GRUMPY!      Grrr! Not feeling it today – goin’ back to bed!

                        GOOFY!          Seriously? Let’s do something silly today! Who’s with me?

                        HAPPY!           Content as can be. Feelin’ good and full of positive energy.

About SMILE! SOX                                                                                                                                                                        

Based in Southern California, SMILE! SOX™ is independently owned and part of the Keepers International family. Founded in 1954, Keepers is a pioneering wholesale distributor of premium-quality, high-fashion socks that began by serving independent apparel and shoe stores along with larger regional department and sporting goods stores located on the West Coast. Today Keepers’ socks are sold in Dress, Casual, and Sport styles for men, women and kids at stores all around the world.


Summer Beauty Essentials You Need this Summer

Looking to upgrade your summer beauty regimen? If so, we have you covered! Whether you’re at home or on vacay, feel and look your best with our picks. Today, I want to introduce my recent new love – The Organic Skin Co..

Let’s FACE it, we’re creatures of habit, especially when it comes to our skincare products. Our biggest exception however, is when an absolute game changer comes along. For The Organic Skin Co., game changing might as well be a second mantra.

The vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare brand made with ethically sourced ingredients not only offers products that are better for the environment, they benefit your on-the-go lifestyle.

Recommend Products:


Short of treating it to a high-end spa, this oil is the best way we know to pamper your skin! A lux combination of supercritical extracts and pure organic oils, it helps soften and refresh, rejuvenate and repair. So, give it a go. Massage a few drops into your face. Sit back. Wait for your skin to send you a love letter.


The first step in creating your palette is to choose from one of the 3 distinctive palette bar colors: will it be charcoal, blush, or stone? Decision made, it’s on to the pods, with a wide selection of natural cheek and lip creams, cream eye shadows, concealers, and luminizers available. Choose from the bevy of shades and colors, fill the pods, and you’re ready to go, you’re very own mobile, sustainable makeup station in the palm of your hand!


To achieve a great result, you need to prepare well. And that’s exactly what this primer helps you do. Lightweight, rich in antioxidants, restorative oils and revitalizing supercritical extracts, it will not only help your makeup go on smooth and stay that way, it will care for your skin too. Primp. Prime. It’s time to shine!


So, we all have our holy grail. That search for something we desperately want but which is so hard to find. Our holy grail? A natural mascara, made with organic ingredients, that actually works. A mascara that provides blacker-than-black cool, even as it curls, lengthens and conditions the lashes. We think we’ve found it. Try it and see.

LULU’s Favorite:


No doubt you’ve seen the light when it comes to natural makeup. Now, let others see the light on you, thanks to this stunning luminizer.

Offering satin-shimmer highlights of sheer, buildable color, it can be use over or under makeup to touch-up, highlight, brighten or prime. Simply decide which of your features you want to showcase, then ‘bring it’ to the world.


We can’t replace your smile (we wouldn’t want to), but we can enhance it, thanks to these luscious, all-natural lip glosses.

Filled with replenishing oils to help keep your lips in great condition, they come in a range of shades that will take your smile from bright to seductive, depending on your mood!

Okay. So we’re unabashed tree huggers. You show us a tree and we’ll drape ourselves around it, give it a squeeze.

But our trees are running out. Deforestation has been called ‘a modern day plague’ by National Geographic and it’s easy to see why. Because, when you look at the numbers, your stomach sinks a little and you find yourself wondering whether we humans care enough for this planet of ours.

15 billion. According to the most comprehensive study of its kind, that’s how many trees we’re cutting down globally every year. It’s a staggering number – almost difficult to believe – but it’s happening and it’s doing us and our environment terrible harm.

With your help, we want to play our part. That’s why we’ve partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, who are not only working tirelessly to help reverse deforestation, but also provide jobs and hope to local, indigenous communities worldwide. Their mission to plant a minimum of 100 million trees every year by 2020 is making a profound difference environmentally and sociologically, and – as part of our work with them – we pledge to plant one tree for every ‘The Organic Skin Co.’ product you purchase. It’s a chance to give back, to help redress the balance.