Posts Written On August 15, 2019

Frozen Yogurt for Dogs is THE ‘Dog Parent’s’ #1 Essential This Summer

Cami has been so bummed since her knee surgery recovery and all the antibiotics she took wiped out the good and bad bacteria. I found the best thing for her! Probiotic Fro Yo from Bear and Rat!

Niko and I went to Whole Foods today and picked this up for Cami!

The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs makes gut health for dogs uncomplicated, and it is exactly perfect for summer. First, the cool treats are made with a handful of human-grade ingredients & they are healthful for dogs. With one serving of In Clover’s Optagest (organic prebiotics & four plant-based digestive enzymes), the cups are amazing for healthy stools & less gas. One cup a day will also help dogs absorb their meals better.

It’s fun. The Bear & The Rat celebrates birthdays, gotcha days & has a motto that “everyday’s a pawty,” because when you’re a spoiled dog, it totally is!

Here’s how to throw a birthday-gotcha day-block party for your dog. Create a Frozen Yogurt Bar. Put several toppings out in colorful bowls — jerky, crunchy treats, freeze dried bits, sardines, etc. and label each one, so the humans know what’s what. Think visually. If you have a cake stand, bring it out so that you have varying heights, perfect for those Instagrammable photos. Add a bright tablecloth, hats for pups & humans, streamers. Don’t forget to have frozen yogurt for humans, so that everyone is able to celebrate together.

About The Bear & The Rat: Cool Treats for Dogs

“The Bear” is a Lhasa Apso who growls like a bear. His brother-from-another-mother is a Rat Terrier. The husband-wife owned company believes in making high-quality frozen yogurt treats & supplements that are fun to eat & make gut health uncomplicated. All of the products are made in a real ice cream facility with ingredients you can pronounce. Join the pawty on

Happy Gotcha Day Cami! It’s been three awesome years being your dog parents 😛


Plant Therapy Pup and Pony EO Blends

Since Cami’s Hey surgery we’ve had a lot of time to stay home. She’s not allowed to go to the dog park and run around at either swim or at least the first six weeks. We had lots of time and a chance to try Plant Therapy’s Pup and Pony essential oils We have diluted some of these with sweet almond oil so that we can apply it to Cami’s belly and neck for for relaxation. NEW pup-friendly essential oils from Plant Therapy. 

For those doggies scared of fireworks or siriens , Confident K9 blend promotes relaxation and soothes worry, and it can be used for behavior issues ranging from excessive barking and shaking to chewing on your belongings.

You can apply it in these areas or use a diffuser! This is a felt diffuser that clips onto a collar or harness and it’s so pretty!