Givenchy Beauty Liner Disturbia

I started 35 with a bang and by that, I mean I didn’t do anything ­čśů. Life is so different now and priorities have shifted – life with a baby in a major way. But I am thankful for social media and moms on the Instagram showing that moms can still be beautiful and glamorous – between feedings and diapers.

While the minute of beauty nowadays could be just taking out overnight braids, juggling momlife and having a makeup beauty routine is still a challenge. The first makeup item for most girls is lipstick that was transformative but for me it is actually eyeliner! The first time I smudged the black little pencil on my eye, I was transformed.

I have tried many types of eyeliners and they all end up smudged and panda like by the end of the day or even 10 mins of wear. I know that with my new schedule as a mom, anything I use will have to have the same stamina as me! Even though I do like cheap and cheerful drug store brands, the Givenchy Liner Disturbia has changed my mind. It is worth every cent of the $29 it costs. It is literally the best thing that can make me feel alive and look like me again on the most difficult sleepless days.

Momlife includes babies eating your face. I mean literally licking and chewing on your whole face! So I stopped wearing all foundation makeup when I’m with Niko. Even with crazy hormonal acne and tired eyes, I wish Snapchat filters were available IRL! If I feel super tired, I don’t want to LOOK super tired ­čśâ

So in the rare occasion that I can dress up and go out for an hour or so, I’m using my new Givenchy Eyeliner because it is the only thing that works harder than a new mom like me. 24 hr budge proof and surviving this 115F Las Vegas sun like a pro.

A new eyeliner, with a precise result, intense color and an almost disturbing performance.

Liner Disturbia is the new generation eyeliner, with a 24 hours wear texture, intensely pigmented from the very first stroke.

The texture dries up quickly and becomes transferproof and waterproof.

With its innovative formula, Liner Disturbia can be applied on top of any powder eyeshadow, without dimming down, making sure the end result remains both precise and intensely pigmented.

Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

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