Spring Baby and Toddler Show 2019 – Toronto

One of the best things to help a new mom is having family around! My mom and aunt dropped by the Spring Baby and Toddler show this weekend for me to see what is new products are out there. The internet is such a good resource for baby items but nothing beats the real one on one conversation with entrepreneurs in this space.

Being a parent will force you to be creative and resourceful. This leads to so many mom-preneurs and dad-preneurs to bring items to the market they deem necessary. This generation of Millennial parents are on a mission to even hack parenting, making theirs and baby’s life easier.

Millennials want it all and that is a great motivator to new business ideas. Even though this show like all shows, need corporate booths to anchor their attendance, the startups have always been a passion for us here at Hey Do You!

Giggly Panda baby spa had one of the most colorful booths! Lots of fun for your little one and a must for Millennial parents for the photos ops.

Upseat is a new alternative to the transitional sit up helps like Bumbo. It has a slight incline to help with proper spine development.

Elies baby clothing is so smart! Just a pocket and a snap makes lost pacifiers a thing of the past.

A cardboard play house that you can decorate with stickers, markers, paint etc. Just like a Dunny but a house. Love the idea and the potential for kids to use their imagination. The Boks is the stand out booth for this year’s show in my opinion!

Did you attend the Spring Baby and Toddler show this year?

Which booth was your favorite?

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