Ickerz.com — a New Online Stationery Store That “Picks on Ick”

As people wake up on April Fool’s Day dreading the barrage of fake product pitches in their inboxes, they will have one more pitch to read – but it won’t be a joke.

Ickerz.com launched today, stocked with novelty stationery products for those that need a laugh.  The site offers stickers, postcards, and greeting cards featuring cheery cartoon characters stuck in smelly situations. Designs feature cringeworthy real life moments such as:

Ickerz Stickers – Stinky Puppies
  • Parenting mishaps from baby diaper blowouts to the stench of a teenage boy’s room
  • Stinky dogs, who love to roll in what’s rotten
  • Smelly kitties who prefer your shoes to the litterbox
  • Office odors like fish in the microwave or a cologne-soaked colleague
  • Travel smells like that flatulent fellow airline passenger or shoeless seatmate
  • City Smells (San Francisco is the first in the souvenir series). Tourists and locals alike will get a laugh out of designs featuring the stench of the subway or the fishy smelling sea lions at Pier 39.

Prices start at $2.99, and all orders over $20 include free shipping. The initial designs are unscented, but the company is already working on the next phase, which is to make them scratch and sniff.   

“We think scratch and sniff is ripe for a comeback, but our plan is to turn the idea on its head. Instead of the safer smells like strawberry that exist today, we want to take our smells in an edgier direction to match our designs. Surprisingly, smells like canned dog food, tuna fish and subway breeze aren’t readily available at the fragrance houses,” joked Lori Geoffroy, founder. “But we have finally found partners willing to work with us, so we will be in production on scented products soon – pending a successful Kickstarter campaign.”

The Ickerz Kickstarter campaign for scratch and sniff greeting cards, postcards and stickers went live today, and will be accepting contributions through April 30.  If funding goals are met, Kickstarter contributors will receive scented versions of Ickerz products.  Orders will be shipped before December, making for a quirky and unique stocking stuffer sure to generate a laugh.

About Ickerz

Ickerz.com is an online stationery company founded in 2018 with the goal of making people laugh. The company’s core offering is postcards, greeting cards and stickers that pick on the icky parts of life, from parenting mishaps and stinky pets to office odors and city smells. The humorous designs feature a cast of lovable cartoon characters, who are the perfect pick-me-up for any number of life situations.

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