Posts Written On March 26, 2019

New Trendy Footwear for Travel

Travelling is not all about relaxing but about exploring new, exciting destinations. For that, you’ll need comfortable and durable footwear to be your companion on your next big adventure. Heels are certainly a good choice for evening dates and sitting by the ocean, but during the day, you’ll need footwear which will not cause pain, blisters and make you regret you ever began that trip in the first place. Therefore, check out which trendy footwear should be your go-to choice on your next trip.


The end of spring and the beginning of summer is a wonderful time to travel to a country you’ve never visited before. If you’re going to a dry area where rainfalls are not a common occurrence, then espadrilles are definitely a great choice. They’ll keep you comfortable during long walks but will also be convenient if your flight or bus ride takes long hours. You can easily slip them on and off, and prevent your feet from swelling up. Whether you wear the slip-ons or the ones that you can tie around your calf, espadrilles will go great with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans and even leggings.

Flat sandals

During summer you’ll do your best to feel as cool as possible on a hot, sunny day, and a pair of sandals is exactly the type of footwear that will allow your feet to breathe and feel no discomfort whatsoever. A trendy pair of sandals will go great with whatever outfit you choose and they’ll allow you to walk on virtually any terrain. Sandals are definitely made for walking, so feel free to pack more than just one pair and your feet will be very grateful. Don’t forget to look for models with features that cater both to stability and support for the best travel experience ever.


If you opt for a more adventurous and adrenaline-filled trip, then sneakers are a must-have. Not only will they make catching your bus or aeroplane much easier but you’ll also be able to walk for hours without even realising you’ve been on your feet for that long. Sneakers will offer you great support and protect your joints from possible injuries thanks to their design, so if you decide to go hiking or wildlife exploring at some of your exotic destinations, sneakers will both keep you comfortable and be a trendy addition to your entire ensemble. Having in mind the fact that kicks are the next big thing in the world of fashion, feel free to match them even with your evening wear for the ultimate vacation look.


When you need something more breathable and easier to slip on and off than espadrilles, slippers are your best shot. As you may have seen, celebrities have no problem rocking their favourite slippers in the middle of the streets when they go out to pick up some food or go to gym practice. Therefore, feel free to choose from an array of trendy slippers and make your vacation feel light as a feather. Flatforms are another good choice, as they’ll give you a bit of height without causing any discomfort.

Final thoughts

In order to have a pleasant and enjoyable journey, you must feel good in your own clothes and footwear. Therefore, it’s essential that you pick precisely the shoes that will allow you to walk all day without causing any discomfort. Enjoy your afternoon strolls in a pair of kicks, sandals, espadrilles or slippers, and you’ll have the best trip ever. Don’t regret investing even in a bit pricier pair if they’re high-quality and equipped with features that will keep your feet comfortable and allow them to breathe, and if they can also make a great fashion addition to your travel outfit, you’ve got a win-win situation.


Latest Trends for Men’s Business Look

If you want to leave a good first impression in the office, one of the best things you can do is to lift your business style up a notch. However, even though many offices are adopting a more casual dressing style, that doesn’t mean you can get away with hoodies and sneakers! Here are a few latest office wear trends you can try out.

Classy trousers

If you want to have only one item of trendy business clothing, opt for tailored trousers. A few pairs in traditional stripes or checks will not make you feel underdressed even if you hate to dress smart. Also, they look amazing when paired with a vintage t-shirt or a leather jacket, so you can rock them during casual Fridays as well.

Tailored suits

This is a must for every professional, especially younger guys who are aiming to leave a good impression in the office. A fitted suit is one of the best things you can do for your career since it tells so many good things about the wearer. This is a type of suit you can see on young professionals all around the world from Wall Street, New York to Sydney central business district, so make sure to jump on this trend. However, this trend only looks good when executed by professionals, so make sure to contact experts in tailored suits from Sydney who will create a custom look that fits you like a glove. You will look and feel better than ever and it will definitely show in your work performance!

Dressed-up denim

Even though not all denim belongs in the office, no matter how casual your dress code is, there are a few buys that can make you look relaxed yet professional. For a “dorky manager” style, try grabbing a uniform-wash denim shirt or opt for a trucker jacket. Pair them with your dressier clothing and you’ll turn many looks, as long as your denim is high-quality and form-fitting.

Elegant knitwear

If you need a break from stiff collars, you can opt for a high-quality knitted sweater. This look will not only add style to your office clothing but also help battle cold (some offices are kept much cooler than what most of us consider comfortable). A cashmere turtleneck is always a good choice, but a good crewneck in white, olive or even orange will look more than great, especially during the warmer months. If you want something relaxed and cozy, a minimal grandpa-style cardigan will work well for your office look.

Stylish coats

The choice of your outerwear is very important, no matter the season. One timeless wardrobe must-have is a quality wool topcoat. Even though you can show it off only when coming to and from work, it will still lift your style. A good suede bomber is also a great choice. What you don’t want to do is pair your suit with a winter utility parka. However, if you’re doing it with designer clothing (think Balenciaga), you can get away with anything!

All black look

Having a quality blackout outfit is a great idea. No matter if you’re aiming for a slim-cut suit or a few separates you can pair, head-to-toe black will save you a lot of trouble, especially if you have an event to attend after work. Plus, it just looks so cool (and this is something you don’t often hear about business clothing)!

All of these looks don’t require you to break your bank or completely change your style. However, what they will do is leave a good impression and make you feel like a champion every time you step into your workspace. When you feel good about the way you look, you’ll exude confidence and achieve great business results.