Posts Written On March 24, 2019


This season, Melissa embraces the contemporary codes of streetwear for their latest collaboration with Italian sportstyle brand, FILA. For over a century, FILA has committed to making a strong statement with its brand values of individuality, power and style. The brand, founded in 1911, has seen its message move from the tennis courts and mountains of Italy to streets all over the world to become one of the most recognized fashion brands in its field. In parallel, Melissa celebrates 40 years of extraordinary and globally recognized designs, all created in the brand’s unique raw material – plastic.

The Melissa + FILA collab features four items – three pairs of shoes and one accessory. The great icon of streetwear, the sneaker, is the foundational piece of the collection. Combining casual with classic, the Melissa Sneaker + FILA is created in striking tri-color combinations of FILA’s characteristic colors: navy, red and white with a neutral base color and shoelaces in alternating colors. The Melissa Slide + FILA is a fun and uncomplicated item, a new take on one of Melissa’s most popular products. The slide prominently features the collaboration’s lockup logo on the upper (a nod to the iconic Borg Logo of the 1970’s), while the insole features a bold striped pattern.

The Melissa Sandal + FILA breaks the mold with a chunky high platform and jagged sole, including embossed details and two thick double-lock Velcro straps ensuring a strong and modern look.

The final item in the collab brings back the spirit of the 80’s and 90’s with a statement item: the bumbag. The Melissa Pochete + FILA features the signature red, white and navy blue colours of the FILA brand bringing a fresh look to one of the season’s key accessories.

Melissa + FILA launched globally on February 28th , 2019 and has been available at Galeria Melissa New York, São Paulo, and London as well as special exclusive stockists around the globe.

Melissa is a celebration of design. Created in 1979, the brand is recognized worldwide for the innovative works on its key raw material, a recyclable PVC (100% cruelty-free!), with an irresistible scent. Melissa has associated itself with iconic names in design, fashion and art, collaborating with Baja East, Jeremy Scott, Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Campana Brothers, Zaha Hadid, among others. Although it was born in Brazil, Melissa is a global brand not only because it can be found in 83 countries but also for its cutting edge aesthetic which surprises fans all around the globe.

Galeria Melissa, New York, NY is the third of its kind, joined the flagship stores in São Paulo, Brazil and Covent

Garden, London in August of 2017. Previous Galeria Melissa installations include; Zaha Hadid, Karl Lagerfeld, Jeremy Scott, Gareth Pugh, Vivienne Westwood, Claire Barrow, Walt Cassidy, Karl Lagerfeld, Edson Matsuo and EPFL+ECAL Lab, David Thomas Solution and SOFTlab, Natalie Kates, Sebastian Errazuriz, Natalia Stuyk and more.


From its humble beginnings in Biella, Italy in 1911 to its historic introduction of color on the tennis court in the 1970s, FILA has always remained committed to making a statement about individuality, power, and style through product that is both novel in aesthetic and effective in function. While the brand’s offerings were originally intended for those defiant of expectations in sport, it was only natural that limit challengers and subculture creators everywhere would soon recognize FILA as an aspirational beacon.

It was the introduction of the Original Tennis shoe in 1984 that catapulted FILA from its reputation as an authentic athletic brand into a genuine lifestyle icon. As the era’s most legendary hip-hop artists and fashion players embraced the shoe and the street-savvy apparel collections it inspired, it became clear to all that FILA was synonymous with the courage to create a lasting mark in whatever world you compete. Athlete or not, this was a brand as bold and breakthrough as its wearers–a brand to truly make your own. After over 46 years of paving the way in “sport-style”, FILA continues to inspire new generations with modern looks crafted from its DNA – a game changing heritage both on and off the court.