PalmPact: Everything a Girl Needs… Attached to Her Phone

Girls, life is hectic. We’ve all got to get out the door and cross the next thing off our ever-growing to do list, right? FaceCase makes doing that so much easier, because it has everything you need for your crazed life all in the palm of your hand. Already breathing a much-needed sigh of relief?

Your phone, your credit cards, your license and lipstick! Yup, that’s pretty much the short list of daily must haves. FaceCase is a small, lightweight compact that attaches to the back of your smartphone. It contains your makeup essentials along with a mirror and it has a slot for your ID, credit cards and cash. Can you say genius? FaceCase comes in two color palettes – trust us, you’ll want them both, and is available in either Rose Gold or Black. Everything in the kits is meant to be multipurpose, lipsticks that double as blush, highlighter that give lips extra sparkle and so on!

But what makes this brand even better – it’s always cruelty-free. No animal testing ever! And it donates 10% of its proceeds to PETA in an effort to get other makeup makers to follow suit. Did we mention its packaging is compostable and recyclable? Talk about a win-win! Be a love and give FaceCase for Valentine’s Day! It’s a gift to animals, the planet, your precious time and your beautiful face!

What You’ll Find in FaceCase Palettes:

Natural Nudes Palette – The Natural Nude palette features popular lip shades, along with a rose oil lip conditioner and touch-up powder. Includes four creamy colors for your lips and cheeks, a rose oil conditioning lip balm, and a touch-up powder for covering stubborn blemishes that appear throughout the day.

Rich Nudes Palette – The Rich Nudes palette includes bold universal lip colors, a highlighter and touch-up powder. Its four creamy lip colors work overtime as blush, a highlighter, a touch-up powdered concealer and more.

Want to customize your palette? You can do that by scraping the pan clean with the spatula end of the brush and adding your own color. And switching palettes is a snap. Each palette attaches with a custom microstrip, simply detach and change. Yes. It’s that easy.

About FaceCase: Lynn Goodman and Aymie Berkley needed a simple way to carry their essentials without having to lug a purse around but they couldn’t seem to find one. So being the inventive and stylish gals they are, they set out to make their own. Their product is getting rave reviews from busy, glam girls everywhere and celebs like Kelly Ripa (from Live with Kelly and Ryan), Tinsley Mortimer (from The Real Housewives of New York City), Paulina Porizkova (super model), Ingrid Newkirk (PETA Founder), Sophie Uliano (TV personality and health and wellness expert), the Huffington Post, Serena Wolf (Dude Diet Author) and countless Beauty Bloggers! This indie invention is a game changer!

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