HeyDoYou*NYFW—Unlock the Color Palette with CHEN PING STUDIO

From Lady Gaga to Rihanna, Chen Ping, the London-based designer has renowned for his practical but also stage-friendly outwear collection.

In NYFW 2019, he presents the latest winter series, and name it as “HIMALAYA.” As the highest mountain in the world, its various ranges have been given by different layers of natural colors. Getting inspiration from that, the show has also added couples sets of color palettes to the show in Pier 59 studio , which is near the chilly Hudson River, AKA,  ” bring spring to the end of the winter”.

HeyDoYou went to the backstage to see our beloved makeup artist Frankie Boyd and hair stylist Braydon Nelson preparing for the show ,  who have brought flushes to the skins and matched hair for the clothes. All looked right.


Leaving backstage, the show starts. HeyDoYou has recorded the color palettes been released innovatively in this new season, and the streetwear styles are even more colorful than what Gaga wears.

2019-02-08 下午10.28.02

2019-02-08 下午10.28.07

2019-02-08 下午10.28.13

2019-02-08 下午10.28.16

2019-02-08 下午10.28.19

2019-02-08 下午10.28.21

The refreshing color combinations have shown the possibilities streetwear can have in the below 0-degree weather, and tell you that being pilot, pillow or wrapped in the mattress are all the real choices. As long as we have color, the correlation from bottom to top, from deco to makeup, sentimental feelings will let those sketchy-shaped puffers be changed into delicate high fashion.


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