Everyday is Valentine with Wrinkles Schminkles!

I believe 2019 is off to a great start for you.  I want to introduce you to Wrinkles Schminkles. This heart shaped, medical grade silicone pad is the perfect romantic gift to yourself!  I know a lot of people have used this miraculous treatment from Wrinkles Schminkles and the results are absolutely visible overnight! I am sure you would be amazed as well!  For just $30 (with 20-30 uses) and available at Amazon.com, it doesn’t get easier and more affordable than that for such incredible results!! 

Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your chest! Be your own Valentine and celebrate self-love by indulging in self-care with Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Smoothing Kit. Stick one of these heart-shaped 100% Medical Grade Silicone Pads to your chest before bed, give yourself a big hug for being uniquely you, and wake up to a smoother chest, instantly!

Want to share the love beyond the chest and say schminkles to all your wrinkles? Check out the EyesForeheadMouth,Neck and Hands Smoothing Kits! Sharing with a lover or BFF? Gift them our Morning After Glow Serum, or if it’s a guy, bring out their handsome with our Men’s Eye and Forehead kits!

Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Wrinkles & Décolletage Wrinkles – Chest Smoothing Kit

The Silicone Chest Decollete Pads perform simple little miracles while you sleep to smooth our chest, cleavage, and decolletage wrinkles

  • Non-invasive chest wrinkles treatment that visibly reduces the signs of aging and sun damage
  • 100% medical grade silicon hydrate, heal and stimulate collagen over time
  • Comfortable shape that keeps skin taut so it can’t crease orwrinkle
  • Apply at night to relieve and visibly soften chest, cleavage and décolletage wrinkles, so you wake up looking refreshed and ready to start each day loving yourself
  • FDA-cleared and made in USA
  • Available on Amazon.com or wrinklesschminkles.com

About Wrinkles Schminkles: Wrinkles Schminkles founder, Gabrielle Requena, realized that living in Australia, her décolletage was showing signs of aging faster than other parts of the skin! While there are countless lotions and potions on the market for the face, there was nothing for the body! Not one to shy away from a challenge, Requena got to work developing an affordable, super-effective and non-invasive range of products to help women look and feel confident in their skin. The solution? Wrinkles Schminkles, an anti-aging range of reusable 100% Medical Grade Silicone Pads for men and women especially designed to treat the chest, eyes, forehead, hands, neck and mouth—overnight!

Next time someone stresses over wrinkles, just say “Wrinkles? WrinklesSchminkles!”

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