Chic Jewelry to Gift This Valentine’s Day

Can we all agree ladies that jewelry should bring joy. It should make you feel good and bring a smile to your face. Every piece of Boma Jewelry does that ten times over!

This Valentine’s Day, make Cupid proud and bring that joy to the one you love when you give the gift ofBoma Jewelry. These stunning necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets pieces are so stylish and, trust us, make any drab outfit pop.

While sweethearts everywhere will love these stunning creations, they’ll also love the thought that goes into making them. Talk about a win-win! Boma Jewelry is made from ethical silver and crafted by artisans and silversmiths who are paid a fair wage. Boma also raises money to fund social and community-based programs for its workers’ families.

With so many gorgeous choices, you really can’t go wrong with a gift from Boma!

More Reasons to Love BOMA:

• Certified 925 fine sterling silver

• Lifetime warranty

• Handmade by artisans in Bangkok, Thailand

• Made with recycled silver from New Mexico, USA

• All Boma jewelry is nickel-free, naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

• Shipped in the most minimal amount of packaging to cut down on waste

Gift Recommendations 

Serpentine Snake Ring



Width   : 0.17 inch
Length : 0.25 inch

Scripted Love Necklace



Height  : 0.08 inch
Width   : 0.60 inch
Length : 0.30 inch
Chain Length : 16″+1″+1″
Clasp : Lobster clasp

Panda Bear Earrings

Height  : 0.055  inch
Width   : 0.295  inch
Length : 0.305  inch

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