Posts Written On February 26, 2019

Pedilicious Footwear “Pedi-Flop” Beauty Shoe Launches Pop Up Shop in the Market @ Macy’s at Lenox Square

It is never too early to start the summer shopping. Save time and leave the nail salon with a smudge free pedicure! The toe-separating “Pedi-Flop” Sandals have transformed the dreaded drying-time experience after a fresh coat of polish. The PediLicious Footwear brand understands the frustration with nicks and smudged polish. “Pedi-Flop” Sandals can be worn before, during and after a pedicure to continue your day while remaining stylish!

Pedilicious Footwear, LLC, which introduced the first officially patented line of spa sandals, will showcase its unique and colorful “Pedi-Flops” and other products in the Lenox Square Macy’s pop-up style marketplace begins from Thursday, February 7th, with creator and company CEO, Premise Martin.

A former accountant, Premise Martin, launched Pedilicious Footwear as an Internet-based shoe and accessory company targeting consumers in the $11 billion nails and beauty salon industry. Her company’s first signature line of casual shoes, the “Pedi-Flop,” was designed for wear during or after pedicure treatments.

The multi-purpose fashion flip-flop has an exclusive design feature: all five toes are individually separated, which provides comfort, style, and maximum drying exposure for post-pedicure toenails.

The Pedi-Flop created to help prevent chips or nicks on freshly polished toenails is available in a variety of colors and sizes. The built-in arch support, and helps to aligns the foot, hip, and back, thus relieving pain in the feet joints associated with wearing non-arch supported sandals. What makes these colorful sandals more exciting is the fact that they can also be worn right out of the spa or salon.

Pedilicious foot care also features nail polish that delivers shine and sophistication.  “Your feet need as much care as the rest of your body; the toes carry one-half of your body weight each time your heel leaves the ground,” says CEO Premise Martin.  “Yet, we take our feet for granted, from the wear and tear from high heels, uncomfortable shoes, and life events such as pregnancy, to ageing. The Pedilicious brand of products is working to help women love their soles and give their feet the care it deserves.”

About PediLicious Footwear:

Launched in 2017 PediLicious Footwear began as an Internet-based shoe company, targeting consumers in the $11 billion dollar nail and beauty industry. The company’s first Patent Issued, signature line of casual footwear, is known as the “Pedi-Flop” sandal. The “Pedi-Flop” sandal, is designed to wear before, during and after pedicure treatments.  They are a perfect Pedi’s cure and more. The “Pedi-Flop” sandals exclusive design features: four prong toe separators, with a built-in semi arch support, wide protective pinky toe sole and are fashionably designed to accompany any attire! The “Pedi-Flop” sandal provides comfort, style and maximum drying exposure for post-pedicure toenails. The chic “Pedi-Flop” sandal comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Created to help prevent chips or nicks on freshly polished toenails, the “Pedi-Flop” sandal can be worn for dual purpose wear. It’s unique construction of the built-in semi-arch support, can also assist with those ailing lower back, hip and calf muscle pains, often caused when wearing non-arch supported Footwear.

Pedilicious displays its shoe collection and nail polish in the Lenox Square Macy’s from February to May of 2019. Pedilicious Footwear, LLC products are available online at


Yoga and Its Benefits: How it Contributes to Our Lifestyle

Present day fitness experts and mentors have developed numerous types of exercises leading to a healthy lifestyle. Out of those exercises, only yoga remains as one of the most essential and useful practices that have a significant impact on our mental, spiritual, and physical health.

To just put, if you are to take up a yoga class or perform yoga regularly, a good outcome will follow, and the quality of your overall health will improve. But how does yoga contributes to our lifestyle?

Yoga Helps in Losing Weight and Staying Fit

With regular practice of yoga, calories are being burned, and it varies from 180 to 360 per hour depending on the type of yoga you practice.  

Although there are lots of exercises which help in reducing your excess fats, take note that yoga training is better in keeping you in shape. The best suggestion of yoga poses for weight loss includes Seated Forward Bend and Upward Plank Pose.

Yoga Reduces Inflammation

According to studies, practicing yoga may reduce inflammation. Inflammation is an immune response which is painful and a typical reaction to infection or injury. Similar to it, a 2014 study showed that practicing yoga for 12 weeks reduces the inflammatory markers in the body.

Yoga Improves Muscles Flexibility, Balance, Posture, and Strength

It is necessary to reject the notion of “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga” because you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. For instance, practicing a plank pose concurrently works on your shoulders, legs, arms, and abs.

As a beginner, you might find your body a bit stiff. However, after regular practice of yoga poses for a few days or weeks you will see a radical increase in your flexibility and a boost of your strength, posture, and balance.

Yoga Increases Sustainability as Well as Your Lifespan

The most significant benefits of yoga are its ability to inspire people and improve healthy living and self-care. As researchers have shown, that a consistent yoga practice can increase sustainability and life span.

Take, for example, breathing practices allow you to take more oxygen which enhances your body’s function and boosts blood circulation. Now, as you start to slow down and breathe with yoga, your body’s functioning such as cell damage and oxidation will slow down.

Yoga is Highly Effective in Treating Sleep Disorders

The highest population of the world is wrestling with sleep disorders due to the modern lifestyle and work culture. This condition causes too many life-threatening diseases, and if you have trouble sleeping, you should try yoga.

Yoga, according to research conducted by a medical school, that after eight weeks of practicing yoga to people who are suffering from insomnia, they found significant improvements in participant’s sleep quantity and quality. With the profound meditative aspects of yoga, it relaxes their nervous system and makes the mind calm and composed.


Yoga indeed has immense health benefits more than any other exercises. The word yoga means “union” which primarily relates to the union of mind, body, and soul. And doing poses, you can find ease in your body, and then you can connect to yourself.
Moreover, finding the time to practice yoga just a few times in a week may be enough to make a visible difference to your health. If you want to try and learn more about yoga and wellness, you can visit sites such as for good advice.