Posts Written On January 23, 2019

đź’žGALentine, Valentine, MANtine LOVE BOX

Open your eyes,

this is a box you WANT to see!

Valentine, GALentine, MANtine gift, Bouquet Bar has you covered! With just a click of a button, send your special someone or bestie an unforgettable, gorgeous box of florals and delightful gifts, beautifully displayed in a box they won’t forget.

The Bouquet Bar “Love Box,”

For example, holds a mini-bouquet of delicate red spray roses along with lavender dark chocolate drops, sugar coated sour gummy hearts, old-fashioned caramel corn, gummy bears and a Lavender Fields scented candle, to leave a lasting impression. Or choose one of four designer boxes, mix and match two to six of your favorite treats and add a tall, stunning floral arrangement.

Here are other choices you could consider.

Timeless Elegance 

Maybe the way to her heart is through her senses. Tempt her taste buds with soft yet chewy gummy hearts. Treat her eyes to the desert beauty of our succulent plant. Red spray roses do double duty with their timeless appeal and lovely fragrance. She won’t forget this gift box anytime soon. The Box measures approximately 12″ x 4″ x 3″.

  • Succulent Plant
  • Red Spray Roses
  • Sugar Coated Sour Gummy Hearts

Mamma Bear

The richness of European chocolate meets the crunch of popcorn for a match made in heaven. Orange gummy bears blend the tantalizing taste of citrus with a satisfying yet soft chewiness. Vibrant orange makes another appearance in a bouquet of our signature orange spray roses. From the mouthwatering flavor of our Chocolate Crunch Popcorn to the beauty and symbolism of fiery miniature roses. This box measures approximately 12″ x 4″ x 3″.

  • Orange Burst Gummy Bears
  • Orange Spray Roses
  • Crispy Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Caramel Corn


Our bath bomb is the perfect remedy for all that ails you. If a long, hot bath enhanced by skin-loving ingredients and the soft aroma of flowers doesn’t do the trick, maybe our gummy candies drenched in rich European chocolate will. And a gift of red spray roses says, “I love you” better than any gift. The Box measures approximately 24″ x 17″ x 7″.

  • The Pomegranate Mimosa
  • Queen Bath Bomb
  • Milk Chocolate Dipped Gummy Bears

Not sure what to get? Building a curated gift box is easy and perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re last minute shopping for Valentine’s Day, a friend’s birthday (… or Mother’s Day) or you’re looking for a unique thank you gift, our custom gift box builder is guaranteed to impress.

Start designing your gift box is easy!

First, select your box size.

Next, choose from our collection of hand-picked, premium gifts including decadent treats, spa goodies, specialty candles, and gorgeous bouquets & roses.

Bouquet Bar is on it, with free shipping and next-day delivery. Prices range from  $47.99 to $149.99. Let us get something cool for her or him! Just like Kardashian’s.