Selecting the Best Option When Finding a New Apartment: Modern Living


While everyone has a different eye for design, there’s no denying the growing appeal for modern living. That term not only encompasses decorating and design, but also includes a specific way of life that is blended with our current times. When it comes to finding a place to live that encompasses this broad and exciting definition, your options may not be as vast as you would like them to be.

Most apartment buildings are outdated, drab, and built with yesterday’s technology in mind. There are, however, companies who have fully adapted to modern lifestyles with the rise of brand new apartment complexes. To give you an idea of exactly what that looks like, here are the leaders in this living space revolution.

What Makes an Apartment Modern?

There is, of course, modern designs and décor involved. However, a modern apartment comes complete with amenities that meet the lifestyle. Fitness and health studies come to mind, as do pet friendly policies.

An on-site café and tech center are beneficial for the entrepreneur, while private pools and farmer’s markets bring peace of mind and body. Plus, green living is an absolute must. Basically, a modern apartment meets the needs of today’s individuals while providing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle complete with progressive mindsets.

Example One: California


Located in Mountain View, California, the Village offers its residents a new level of luxury to meet the demands of the modern age. Distinct color palette options featuring contemporary solid wood cabinetry and designer quartz countertops kick off the modern design, while expansive windows offer abundant natural lighting.

It isn’t just about look, though, and the Village knows that. Modern living entails eco-living, which is why these homes feature certified GreenPoint rated appliances and features. The entire complex displays masterful green construction, and is made entirely from eco-friendly materials.

In order to meet the needs of modern individuals, amenities like cafes and an aqua lounge are seamlessly a part of the complex. As are a yoga studio, gym, in-garage bike rack and dog park. These rentals are anything but your standard apartment arrangement.


Example 2: New York City

NYC and apartment living go hand in hand, which is why it comes as no surprise that featured rentals are focusing on modern living. While Manhattan still has its fair share of outdated buildings, there are plenty of apartments in the Financial District that you would want to rent.

Both 19 Dutch and 15 Cliff provide features you won’t find anywhere else on the island. From resident cafes to on-site cantinas and state-of-the-art fitness studios, you have everything you could ever need just outside your door. Conference rooms make taking care of business a breeze, which is a must in FiDi, while spas and landscaped terraces provide relief from a hectic day in the city.


If you want to live in the NYC Financial District, then these rentals are the way to go. Of course, the best apartment options aren’t limited to just these cities. However, they do give you an excellent place to start looking and an idea of the features you might want in your new home.


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