New Initiative Turns Gluttony into a Source of Power In Las Vegas

Environmental Entrepreneur Explains How “The Green Machine” Initiative Will Help Bring Energy Independence to Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the land of overindulgence and gluttony. In addition to consuming a record-breaking amount of energy (Nevada spends $700 million per year on out-of-state fossil fuels to power the flashing lights, gigantic billboards, and air conditioned casinos,) the city also has the largest landfill in America! With over 42 million tourists per day, one casino group alone, generates over 800 tons of daily food waste.

But according to environmental entrepreneur, Rosalie Bingham, if handled correctly, this gluttony and waste may actually help the city reach energy independence. 

Bingham is the founder of “The Green Machine,” an environmental initiative to increase renewable energy in Las Vegas by converting organic waste into power and water.

This forward-thinking solution uses the current hundreds of tons of daily food waste (that is now dumped into Nevada landfills,) and instead, diverts it to an Anaerobic Digester System (ADS.) The ADS converts the organic waste into clean power and water and it even utilizes all the by-product so there is no waste.


“We can no longer sustain the damage that has been done to our societies and planet. We need solutions that actually repair the damage that has been done…”



…says Bingham, who, as a 4th generation Vegas native, is committed to creating a sustainable future for her city and her neighbors.

The anaerobic digester energy project will utilize the NV Green Energy Program to deliver renewable energy to consumers. Bingham has had discussions with NV Energy and others interested in the project.

This project will generate energy and reduce the need for more landfill space, as well as a host of other environmental benefits. Like other renewable energy sources, this project will begin with a higher kilowatt-hour-cost than that of the existing dirty energy.  However, we expect the Anaerobic Digester kilowatt-hour-cost to decrease quickly, because it is not subject to weather like other renewable energy sources. This extra cost would either be covered by the community, charitable donors who believe in the project, and/or the casinos that see value in helping the community become energy independent.

This project will also involve building large commercial vertical farms which would offset the energy cost through food sales. This project will bring Las Vegas healthier food,reduced transportation costs, and big savings to the people in the community. But in order to do this, we need public support. If enough local people support the mission, it can move forward quickly!



Rosalie Bingham is on a mission to bring energy independence to Las Vegas. She is raising public awareness of environmental issues and has information on how people can help fuel “The Green Machine.”

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