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Oreo Beignet: The Best Winter Comfort Food

Yesterday, my friend Emma and I went to an art show of Chinese Watercolor Paintings. After hearing the speakers talking about Taoism for one hour, I became more focused on the drink in my hand, and Emma seemed confused and turned her head to look at me. ” He is talking about the balance between the universe and the individuals, honey. ”  I explained to her. Emma then nodded her head and insisted on finishing listening to the whole speech.

After the show, Emma asked me, do you want to continue our Asian night or taste something American. I said let us make tonight simpler by heavy Western food, please! Emma giggled, and promised to take me to a “super great” American restaurant ” that you can see in sex and the city”.

So here we were in a restaurant in midtown called as ” cafeteria“, which offers amped-up comfort food, but also come with a fancy vibe in a hip Chelsea setting. We ordered the typical set of American comfort food: Cocktail, Burger and Truffle Fries. All of them are fabulous in look and taste. Until I took a break to the bathroom, and everything finished was taken by the waiter, with only a plain table and Emma there.

” Are we going to have our check?” I asked. “Nono, not the moment. ” Emma said, ” Do you want to have some dessert?”

I insisted on order one ” Citrus and fruit”  dish at first but also doubted whether I should take pumpkin pie. ” You are going to have pumpkin on Thanksgiving anyway and I don’t like citrus, ” Emma said, and then we both agreed on try one dish we have not tasted before.

The Fried Oreo Beignet, 4 Pieces, with Mint Icecream and two real mint leaves by the side.

At first, when you looked at the dish, it was just like 4 fried doughs with a spoon of vanilla ice cream by side. And then, when the “dough” is spared by hand, you would find it does not just look as simple as its appearance.

WechatIMG1050    WechatIMG1051

The corner-malt-shop-level thickness made by mashed oreo inside has closely mixed with the fried part outside, and the taste is being mixed by warm temperature from the pastry inside the fried appearance. And else, there was a thin layer of cream inside oreo part, which give the dryness a little moisture.

But this is not the most amazing part. Add one more thing.

When you put the mint ice cream on the top and eat them together, you can feel the chillness of icecream drop down on your tongue, made the oily nature of fried flavor a little more fresh, clean, and led to more aftertastes.

What a Wonderful, comfy winter night! Highly recommend this restaurant.


About Cafeteria:

119 Seventh Avenue, at 17th Street. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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