Your Perfect Shade of Lipstick in a Rose Gold Necklace?? Yes, please!!!

LiLu Lip Care keeps your perfect shade around your neck in a stunning necklace.  I don’t know about you, but my handbag is a complete black hole and digging out my lipstick is like a mining expedition. This product is a total game changer. I am obsessed. I am seriously giving this to every lucky lady on my gift this this holiday season.

Never have dry, colorless lips again thanks to LiLu Lip Care’s patented Lip Balm Pearl™. Simply open your jewelry, apply and carry on with your day! No more digging through your purse, stuffing lip care in your pocket (and melting in this heat!), or forgetting to switch it over from yesterday’s handbag!

Lilu Lip Care is made with natural and organic ingredients created for convenience and style. Available in a variety of colors, or simple shimmer lip balm, this classic jewelry is styled to match any sense of style or any occasion!

  • Lilu is .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Each piece is hand-cast and delivered in a beautiful gift box and jewelry pouch
  • Necklace is pre-loaded with Simple Shimmer  Lilu Lip Balm Pearl™ & comes with a variety pack of colors
  • Lip care colors include: Perfect Pink, Radiant Red, Berry Blush and Simple Shimmer.
  • 30” inch chain included with Lilu Jewelry
  • 4 styles of necklaces: Camille, Justine, Cosette &  Olivia.
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