Gift Guide for Pets: The Brilliant Self-cleaning Dog Pad

Having trouble take care of the poops of pets?

The Brilliant Pad self-cleaning dog pad is a self-contained indoor waste station for small dogs who are used to using housebreaking pads.

Get your dog to use the Brilliant pad!

Special Price: $149.99


The Ways to Use it:

1)Evacuate both liquid or solid waste simply press a button and your soiled pad will be rolled into a sealed compartment and you are left with a fresh pad.


2)Odors and wetness are contained by the sealed compartment and within the soiled roll.  When the red indicator light illuminates it is time to throw away the used roll, caps, spindle and all.


The amazing points of this pad are that the caps and spindles are bio-degradable.  The rolled pad contains an amount similar to using 27 large pads.  The Brilliant Pad rolls use less material than the average house-breaking pad which means it takes up less space at recycling centers.


The Brilliant Pad can be programmed to change automatically 3 times per day or you can change the pad manually by pressing a button. 

*It is suggested that the Brilliant Pad is used by dogs already used to using waste pads.  The Brilliant Pad is for small dogs only.   

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