Posts Written On October 25, 2018

How to Play to Your Strengths

Photo by Benjamin Davies CC0
Caption: Make happiness your goal.

Have you ever wondered about whether you’re fulfilling your potential? If you want to escape the daily grind of your routine and instead, start feeling joyful about life, you need to identify your strengths and play to them. Many of us have hidden strengths that we ignore because we don’t have the time, money or energy to indulge them. However, if you identify where your natural talent lies and build your life around it, you will find yourself effortlessly happier, healthier and more at peace.

Identify Your Talent

The first step is to identify where your natural strength and talent lie. Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates started off pursuing a law career at Harvard but dropped out in favor of his growing interest in computer programming. If he hadn’t made the decision to follow his natural ability and enthusiasm, then the world’s largest PC software company might never have happened, and Gates wouldn’t have achieved his potential.

It might feel impossible to identify that one thing that you’re good enough at to dedicate your life. To start with, think of something you enjoy — something that you feel a real enthusiasm for and would want to do every day. It needs to be something that you are not only good at but excel in beyond most other people. Even if this is spending hours on the PlayStation leveling a video game or making the best poached eggs in the morning, it’s a starting point and can take you further than you might think.

 Photo by Ian Schneider / CC0
Caption: Find your passion.

Make the Most of It

Next, you need to think about how to turn this specific skill into something bigger. When Chris Moneymaker entered the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event back in 2003, he had no idea how much his life was about to change. But he did believe in his ability and put faith in the hard work he dedicated to honing his chosen craft. Nowadays, he has the Moneymaker PSPC Tour of the U.S., helping other poker players around the country to follow in his footsteps and win big.

It might not seem obvious at first which path to take but following your strengths can only lead to success. That’s because when you’re doing what you’re good at, it brings positive results, gives you more energy and motivates you to go further. Video games tester, chocolate taster and island caretaker might all sound too good to be true, but they’re all real jobs that utilize people’s niche abilities.

Look for an Opportunity

Once you’ve identified where your strengths lie, it’s time to look out for an opportunity to apply them in real life. Sometimes, this means thinking outside the box and creating that opportunity for yourself. One of the most successful stars to come out of the blogging boom has been a British woman named Zoe Sugg. She began her YouTube vlogging (video blogging) empire from her bedroom, recording product reviews, clothes hauls and beauty tips and talking about her interests. Fast forward almost a decade, and Sugg now has 12 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, a range of beauty products available in nationwide stores and is a best-selling author. She has successfully built a business around herself, marketing her values and interests through exclusive products.

It might look like a lot of hard work to pursue your dreams, and that’s because it is. It takes dedication, courage and faith to turn what might only be a hobby right now into a career that can support you through life. However, it is much more work to keep doing something you are not best suited to do, not fulfilling you and unlocking the potential within you.

Identifying your strengths is the first step, and once you’ve done that, you’ll find that everything else follows more easily. After all, what could be easier than doing what you do best?


The Mysterious Museum Experience on a “Werewolf Night”

There are some moments in life when you will feel #whereamI, #whatIamdoing, #whereamIgoing. I call them” loss moments”. And last night was definitely one of them.

Yesterday morning, CNN just received one package containing pipe bombs and everyone there was evacuated. I have not experienced 911 before, but still, keep thinking if I work there as my friend, how would I feel?

My friend still calmly played farm game on the class by my side, luckily she was on an offsite event when the suspicious bomb was received. Everything seems normal but still a little different. We are quieter than before yesterday, and pretend everything is cool , as we accepted for most of the things happen here.

After class, I went to a museum for the blog. And this also proves that my feeling was right. I was told that this is a preview for an adult museum for kids. When arrived at Slanton Street around China Town, there is a place with a tiny entrance along the road, no wall, no house, no light. Where is the f**k museum? Someone pointed one wood board standing in the entrance for me, which has words on it lighted by the mysterious light, it says, ” collective museum”.


This is how it looked in the light of candles on the soil ground. And I stepped in there,  with my guild Lance. He told me this is a special and unique playground, no, a museum for adults, but it is called as a children’s museum. The aim of that is to create a unique childhood fun experience for adults.

Along with him on the dark street, loop back and forth to see what are on my way, I felt I had my ” received bomb package” moment too. No, maybe it is “is someone going to kill me” moment.

Everything here is quiet, dark, mysterious but also be covered with a layer of warm natural light from the night. Surrounded by tents and without any electricity, I have doubted what I was doing that day. There is a tent with 2 musicians there which can make you a special song by my side. I heard the song from the tent, it was like lyrics which Gypsies nomad would make.


Then I wandered around, until a woman caught me up, saying ” Do you want to make a wish?”. As she said, since last night has a full moon, so she was given the power to “light” my wish to be true.


I wrote my wish on the paper, then she helped me light it until the paper disappeared with a huge burn of the file, like those ones who make brazil BBQ for you. One shot of fire, then disappear. But this time is more mysterious with an unknown seemingly magic.


There is also a booth nearby, the bartender can make you a ” bar of one” experience with a new cocktail created for each person. I don’t have a chance to try it. Need to finish my homework the next day and I need sober. Damn.


However, there is still some sober and creative fun I can have. In the last booth, I went to, an artist taught us to print the pattern with ink (kinda like calligraphy) on a special thin paper. I used two brushes to twist the ink in the water, then the artist helped me to take the paper out then dry it in the natural wind. ( See how mysterious it is on the wall, and you cannot believe that there is a mural paint above)


When I am about to leave, I saw someone is observing the moon in a telescope. I tried by myself too, but only see one white jelly moving around in the round shape. Chinese has a legend story saying couples who love each other but have no result will gather together on the moon at the round moon night. But according to the moon I saw, I doubted whether they can stand steadily for even a short kiss.

On my way home, the friend sent me one poetry on the night,

“The sound from the drum covered with bryophyte,

has shaken all the rocks and soil in this scaring forest.

But the sky is wide and deep,

Like tonight, the gibbous moon leaned in the frosty dark green,

when it wakes up, it will open heart sneakily to the only valley

it faces, too.”

Okay, my weird day was finally over with an artistic ending, thank god. And I still stayed as myself without turning into a werewolf. Lucky.

If you want to check out this museum:

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