Posts Written On October 15, 2018

Wake Up with The New York Coffee Festival 2018

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There is enough stock of coffee in one place to get you to rise and shine. In the past weekend(from Oct 12-14), the New York coffee festival was held all day long. Metropolitan Pavilion, this 4-floor venue was crowded with more than 10000 coffee lovers and industry entrees, to gather together for celebrating this coffee scene.


The New York coffee festival this year was full of surprises. Not just the product itself, but the interactions made by coffee-makers and audience have also brought the coffee a new meaning.

When you came in the entrance, the booth you see just on your left is the latte art workshop. One barista was using the high-speed latte foamer to make one first latte—the Golden Bee Latte quickly. The milk used in it tastes like turmeric mixed flavor, which will be the perfect coffee choice for fall, with grains of bee glue and lavender aroma on the top.

bee production


Speaking of art, the coffee festival has also held an art project this year. Several pieces of work made with different materials were shown on the wall. Qu lulu, the previous editor of Heydoyou, has her work “ new york coffees in my sketchbook” been selected by this coffee art project.

lulu work

coffee art project

Well, the art of coffee is not just the art on the wall, and also originates from the sound and alcohol there (excuse me for a second).  On top of the art project, there was also a music scene on one separate stage, bringing attendees together to taste coffee with the huger background of live music experience ( of course more enormous than what the usual cafes have).


Beside the stage, there was also a coffee cocktail bar nearby. From there, you can either order or get one alcoholic coffee drink( Free for the Super VIP Attendee). All the drinks are sponsored by Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur with three choices in a column: Martini, Tonic, or Spiked Ice Coffee.

coffee bar

At this event, I am also happy to see the diversity of coffee products as well as the countries they come from. For instance, I have tried GEISHA, this type of expresso commuted from Italy. The strong sour taste has been pushed straightly to my nose if have it only. However, once it is mixed with milk, the feeling will become magically creamy.

Italian Coffee

The ministry of Kaapi, the coffee brought from South Indian has hailed the coffee tasters with its amazing brewed coffee( from ground coffee powder), and wonderfully decorated by all kinds of milk.


Stay tuned for tomorrow! I will keep writing about the tech and media part of this coffee festival.