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Art: Brooklyn Gallery Visit to Tornado Things

Tornado Things, one of the Brooklyn galleries featured at Bushwick Open Studios, has just launched their first opening on the evening of September 29th. Four Artists has shown their artworks there: Mike Russnack, Emma Wasielke,  Ellie Ji Yang, and Victoria Hurst, the founder of Tornado Things herself.

Here are some incredible works they showcased.


This is America“, by Victoria Hurst. RealdonaldTrump and Kim Kardashian are in the same row, representing two disputable public figure in the United States.


Keep the Snakes Away Unless They Gucci“, by Victoria Hurst. The snakes on the head of this girl and the opening hand have shown the tension of life with the background as Brooklyn streets.

(See more of Victoria Hurst ‘s work here:



Diary of Things“, by Emma Wasielke. She has captured the moments she likes about her female friends in life, in the cases to show their different life stories with various personalities and backgrounds.


Emma Wasielke has tried using different kinds of media to express the best versions of “her girls”.  Her detail-oriented sketches can be successfully displayed in wood frames, TVs with old-school style, or even on the plant pots.

(See more of Emma Wasielke ‘s work here:



This is Ellie Ji Yang (middle)  in front of her drawings. Her colorful watercolor paintings have used bright and dynamic shades to enlighten the walls, which represents the beauty of nature.

(See more of Ellie Ji Yang ‘s work here:

About Tornadothings :

It is at 35 Meadow St, STE 101, East Williamsburg NY 11206.

This space is a working studio space as well as a gallery that offers artists/performers/musicians a place to exhibit their work on their own terms.

For more information please visit the site:

or contact