Posts Written On October 03, 2018

Wild Earth Introduces First Dog Treats From Koji Protein

Veterinarian-developed Good Protein Dog Snacks support healthy digestion with prebiotics
Berkeley, Calif. – Wild Earth, Inc., a startup reinventing pet food with biotech, today introduced its first product, a dog treat made with koji (Aspergillus oryzae) – an eco-friendly, renewably sourced member of the fungi kingdom used in the culinary world by some of the world’s best chefs.
Wild Earth’s Good Protein Dog Snacks with Koji satisfy foodie dogs with koji’s umami-rich flavor, whole protein containing all essential ten amino acids, and health benefits such as omega fatty acids, digestion-boosting enzymes, and prebiotics to support gastrointestinal microbiomes. Only 15 calories each, Good Protein Dog Snacks include other wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, and oat. As a clean cultured protein, Wild Earth’s koji avoids the risks of meat-based food and treats, which can contain traces of antibiotics, growth hormones, or other contaminants.
Nutritious, culinary, and sustainable, Good Protein Dog Snacks contain:
● Prebiotics to support healthy digestion
● Omega 3/6/9s for healthy skin and coat
● Veterinarian-developed formula
● No animal ingredients
● No antibiotics or hormones
● No artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors
● No corn or soy
A five-ounce bag retails for $12.99 at Wild Earth’s online store, and currently ships free.
“I worry about the health risks of sugar- and salt-filled treats, both as a veterinarian and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, and as a dog lover too,” said Wild Earth chief veterinary officer Dr. Ernie Ward. “People can feel good about offering Good Protein Dog Snacks with Koji, which are a nutritious option for our dogs, our environment, and for eliminating the suffering of farm animals.”
“We need new and alternative proteins to feed a growing global pet population, and also to minimize the environmental impact of feeding that growing population,” said Wild Earth CEO Ryan Bethencourt. “Koji is ideal for dogs based on its nutritional profile and sustainability, and used by Michelin-star chefs to add gourmet flavor, so our dog taste testers loved these treats.”
“Wild Earth’s new alternative protein product is such a great example of providing consumers another choice for their pet’s nourishment, while being conscious of the environment,” said Ben Jacobs, Head of Ventures at Mars Petcare.
Wild Earth cultivates koji, an ancient Asian protein, in fermentation tanks, and uses proprietary technology to optimize it for nutritional content, texture, and flavor. Because it is produced safely in a laboratory, not a slaughterhouse, it lacks risks associated with animal-based proteins such as contamination, and reduces the toll on the planet – 25-30 percent of meat’s environmental impact in the U.S. is attributed to pet food. Wild Earth’s koji dry food for dogs is scheduled for release in 2019.
About Wild Earth
Like food innovators creating cultured meats for human consumption, biotech startup Wild Earth is developing clean high-protein pet foods that are healthier, better for the environment, and more humane than conventional products. Wild Earth is built by pioneers in cellular agriculture led by chief science officer Ron Shigeta, Ph.D., an experienced business team led by chief executive officer Ryan Bethencourt, and Dr. Ernie Ward, known as “America’s Pet Advocate.” Investors include Felicis Ventures, Blue Horizon, Mars Petcare, VegInvest, Macro Ventures, Stray Dog Capital, Founders Fund, and Thiel Capital. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, Calif. For more information visit

The League Officially Announces It’s Las Vegas Launch

Las Vegas, NV,. (October 2, 2018)The League, an invite-only dating app designed for aspiring power couples, has selected 500 Las Vegas users (out of over 3,000 on the Las Vegas waitlist) as its ‘Founding Class’. This cohort will finally able to use The League to find other ambitious singles when The League goes live in Las Vegas on Tuesday, October 9th 2018.

Applicants were selected based on a variety of factors: degree, education institution, professional title (or past professions), industry, number of referrals, and, finally, the number of users inside that fit preferences. Before final admission, all applicants photos were reviewed and approved by the team. While The League’s handpicked founding 500 members were each given expedited review, others who were not accepted on October 9th will have to wait on Las Vegas’ 3,000 person waitlist. For those who don’t wait in queues, standard membership will come at a price.  

“Think of The League as a members only club, but one with a killer singles scene,” explains The League’s founder & CEO, Amanda Bradford. “We’re a community for intelligent, ambitious and high-achieving people that are looking for an equal partner.”



Launched in 2015, The League is the dating app for would-be power couples. Known for its selective admissions-based model and high-achieving community of users, The League is inspired by private members-only clubs like Soho House. The League offers its users complete privacy from friends & coworkers, more context about potential matches, and a curated community of professional singles seeking an equally ambitious and driven partner, all using data and social graphs from both Facebook and LinkedIn to fuel its proprietary algorithm. The League was founded and created by CEO Amanda Bradford who holds an MBA from Stanford and a BS in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon. To date, The League operates in 37 cities both nationally and internationally and is available on iOS and Android. To download go to and to read more about The League, please visit,


Elevate Your Training Experience In And Out Of The Gym

I found something very cool to share with you. As a lifestyle blogger, I love exploring everything fun, cool and new! This brand is perfect for gym people, who enjoy working out and sweating.

Oil is a symbol of purity. Power and brotherhood. Historically used in rituals of cleansing and protection, oil is the substance we use to start and end our days with a clean slate. Aromatheraphy is the use of natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to promote healthy outcomes. WILL formulas are professionally designed using modern aromatheraphy techniques to elevate your workout experience, in and outside of the gym!

WILL enhances your training ritual by blending essential oils that cleanse, protect, energize, refresh, relax, moisturize and groom the body and mind.

There are two ways your body receives the benefits of WILL’s essential oils:

  • Repeat skin absorption of natural and functional ingredients
  • Consistent stimulation of the brain and olfactory system through aromatic scents


Integrating the Art and Science of High Quality Ingredients,

Way of Will’s New Skin Care Line and Deodorants Elevate Your Beauty and Wellness Routine

Way of Will, an essential oils line for active lifestyles founded by fitness-enthusiast and CEO Willie Tsang, is excited to debut its new skin care collection and deodorant line at Indie Beauty Expo this summer. Way of Will hopes to bring value to the beauty and wellness space that compliments active lifestyles with 100% pure grade essential oil products. The new skin care collection comes in beautiful packaging and holds the newest face toners, serums, cleanser, moisturizer, and clay mask set, with the addition of two new deodorants and two deodorant sprays.

Way of Will creates essential oil products that elevate your wellness experience in and out of the gym through the power of aromatherapy, which protects, energizes, refreshes, relaxes and grooms the mind and body. The brand’s essential oil products come in three lines – skin care, home and athletic – which work in two ways: repeat absorption of natural and functional ingredients and consistent stimulation of the brain and olfactory system through aromatic scents.

The new skin care collection by Way of Will is made to compliment active lifestyles, revealing your best skin by gently cleansing and moisturizing with 100% pure grade essential oils. The new toners, serums, cleanser, moisturizer and clay mask and therapy oil are made for all skin types. The toners are composed of silk amino acids derived from the silkworm cocoon, which are known for their moisturizing properties and are easily absorbed into the skin.

The launch includes the addition of two deodorant sticks and two deodorant sprays to the existing athletic care line. The deodorants include the 02 vanilla and mint and 02 lime and black spruce, which are designed to keep the body smelling fresh during your training sessions without clogging pores. For those who enjoy spritzing deodorant instead of using the stick, the 01 deodorant sprays now come in chamomile and geranium and peppermint and lavender.

“I was excited to develop this new skin care collection and add to the existing deodorant line,” says founder and CEO Willie Tsang. “My team and I are passionate about bringing natural and good-for-you ingredients together with pleasant aromatic scents that create focus, calm, and protection.”

All Way of Will products are cruelty free and leave out harmful ingredients like parabens and phthalates, alcohol, silicones, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic oils. For more information about Way of Will, please visit

About Way of Will

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2016, Way of Will is a modern aromatherapeutic essential oil body care system for active lifestyles. WILL products are made with 100% natural, cruelty free, pure grade essential oils to elevate your experience inside and outside the gym. Way of Will founder and CEO, Willie Tsang, was inspired to start the company after his father’s health began to fail. Willie’s father only showed happiness when he smelled food or other familiar scents around him. Willie came to understand the power of scent.