New Botanical Based Wellness Products for Fall 2018

Healthy Shake for a Morning Boost!


  1. Essentials Chai Protein Shake Mix (Powder) ($77, Arbonne.comDo the  daily  shake  with  delicious,  nutritious,  perfectly  balanced  Protein  Shake  Mix  in  Chai  flavor.  Provides 20 g of vegan protein to help support muscles, plus more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. Clinically tested and certified to have a low glycemic index, which has little effect on blood sugar levels and does not cause a spike in blood sugar.
  • Essential amino acids help support muscle repair and protein synthesis
  • Low allergen potential is achieved by avoiding common allergens, such as soy and whey, which are present in many protein mixes
  • 20 g of natural vegan protein promotes satiety and is easily digestible


Grab-and-Go Snack Bar!  


  1. Essentials Protein Snack Bars – Apple Cinnamon ($30, Arbonne.comRaise  the  bar  on  snacking!  Arbonne  Essentials  Protein  Snack  Bars  contain  a  satisfying  10g  of  plant-based protein plus fiber and come in a variety of flavors for a nutritious and delicious go-to snack.
  • Convenient, on-the-go snack option for busy lifestyles and traveling
  • Suitable for the entire family to enjoy
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • No trans-fat or cholesterol


Two Essential Oil Blends To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall!


  1. Rescue & Renew Pure Essential Oil Warrior Blend ($35, Arbonne.comChanging seasons will have nothing on you with this spicy, warm fragrance of oils like clove, cinnamon bark  and  rosemary  —  a  must  for  fall  and  winter.  Promotes  a  sense  of  well-being  in  the  midst  of  changing environmental stressors.
  • Spicy, warm and comforting aromatic profile
  • Dilute oil before applying onto pulse points, or diffuse for aromatic use
  • Diffuse to promote a warm environment of peace and security


  1. Rescue & Renew Pure Essential Oil Evergreen ($30, Arbonne.comGet  in  the  spirit of the season with  this  awakening  blend of oils including orange,  Siberian fir and wintergreen. Add a peaceful autumn aroma to any room or environment.
  • Sensory awakening, cooling and soothing aromatic profile
  • For topical or aromatic use, the oils can be applied to the skin once diluted, or diffused
  • Diffuse to freshen the air and uplift the spirit with a scent that evokes holiday memories
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