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Why Choose Fabulive for Live Digital Streaming in Makeup Industry?

With the rapid advancement of technology all across the globe, things have become simpler
and easier for professional makeup artists. However, very few beauty experts know how to use
it in the best way possible. If you are also someone like that then you must understand that this
is the time to switch to a platform which offers you a new way to become popular and reach
the acme of success. One of the platforms which can really make difference to your career is

Fabulive in a Nutshell
This is the first live digital streaming platform for beauty technicians. It helps you in multiple
ways and if you are a really passionate makeup artist or a hairstylist then you will not take any
chance. You will try to learn how Fabulive can boost your career and why you should opt for it.
Scroll down and you will learn the reasons why Fabulive is the best Live Digital Streaming
platform in Makeup. However, before this, you must try to understand more about Live
Streaming Digital Makeup, Beauty, Lifestyle Platform.

What is Live Streaming Digital Beauty Platform?
Live Streaming Digital platform is the destination of all those who are interested in sharing live
videos with their audience. It is a two-way platform where both the parties, the person who
shares the content and the audience come together and try to start a give and take
relationship. As a professional artist, you deliver tips and tutorials to the viewers. In return, they
give you feedback and have the potential to convert from being a mere audience to a
permanent customer. When a beauty platform uses live streaming then it is known as Live
Streaming Digital Beauty Platform. Fabulive is a beauty application that can help you become a
famous makeup artist.

Reasons that Make It is the best Platform Makeup Lover
There are not one but many reasons that make the best beauty platform which
uses Live streaming. If you do not agree then you must have a look at the three major reasons
that make it special. Nevertheless, it is important to understand Fabulive is an innovative
application, which is using the potential of live streaming in an unprecedented way. Here are
the three reasons that will definitely convince you to select Fabulive. These are:
Gives you an opportunity to connect to your intended audience
The most difficult thing is not joining a platform, but to connect with your target audience.
There are many beauty platforms available online that flaunt its potential to attract target traffic.

However, they fail to do so. If you are a professional makeup artist, then you must have
experienced it too. You must be aware of this that ensuring you reach your potential customers
via the internet is not easy. Despite saying this it is important to highlight that if you have a
online platform like Fabulive, then this is not a problem. Here, you get to use the lie streaming
in the best way. You just need to join Fabulive and you will experience a new world where you
can easily connect with your intended viewers.

Helps you in the promotion of new cosmetic products
Once you are able to connect to your target audience it becomes easier to convert them into
potential customers. You can share cosmetics with them. You can initially keep your makeup
training videos free and later charge for it. You can make your viewers try new cosmetic
products or tell them which cosmetic product to opt for. Undoubtedly, this way you will be able
to earn far more than your expectation.

Makes you popular as a beauty expert
Popularity is one thing that all fresher strive for. If you are a newcomer in the beauty industry,
then it is of utmost importance to join Fabulive. This is a platform that let you display your
talent and show your potential customer what you have to offer them and how you are
different from other beauty celebrities. You will be able to post your videos that will make your
viewer learn new skills related to eye makeup, lip makeup, hair styling, etc. Once you become
famous there is no turning back. You will just keep on climbing new heights of success as a
makeup artist.

If you are a makeup artist or a beauty expert who wants to boost his or her career then you
must choose Fabulive. Here you get learn new things from other experts and get an opportunity
to create a fan-base. This is the first Live Streaming Digital Beauty Platform that offers you so
many ways to grow your career. You can become a popular beauty blogger or a makeup artist.
All this is possible only with the help of Fabulive. You must not waste time in thinking and try to
use this opportunity to the fullest. Join Fabulive and see how live digital streaming platform can
make you more appealing to your audience. Join it now and become popular in a small period.
You must not lose this chance. Grab this app and enjoy a successful career as a beauty expert.


Lab B — a taste of Taiwan in New York City!

From the organizer that brought the first ever Bubble Tea Festival last year that drew thousands to Times Square, they have teamed up with The Taiwanese collective to create an immersive, multimedia exhibition called Lab B to explore Taiwan’s most popular culinary export, bubble tea–the sweet tea drink studded with bouncy tapioca balls that fans slurp up through famously oversized, technicolor straws. Lab B as part fun house, part exhibition and part tea shop and will open in SoHo August 17, 2018 on 107 Grand Street, New York. The opening party was held on Friday, August 17 from 7:00- 9:00 P.M.

The exhibition features a tasting journey with an in depth look into the history of bubble tea and offer tastings from some of New York’s finest boba shops. In the lab you’ll experiment with different ingredients to create your very own, bubble tea concoction.  There will be experts on hand to give you insights on the history of bubble tea, so that you can create a unique recipe all your own, a one of a kind drink made to your own slurpy, sweet and chewy specifications.

Lab B is brought by a collective of Taiwanese artist, writers and designers inspired by the chaos of New York—the busted trains, the muggy alleyways, and the chatter of the world’s languages bumping against each other.  

Bubble Tea is uniquely Taiwanese, and represents the spirit of experimentation. What started as a simple combination of tea, milk, and tapioca, has morphed into hundreds of variations from Taipei to Kansas City.  Lab B is created to amplify the mark that Taiwan is leaving on this crazy city, and mingle the senses and allow for the viewers’ unique self-expression through exploration of the wild world of bubble tea.

You can experience:

The Art Experience

Need a new tinder profile? Want to be instagram famous? Lab B got you covered 😉

Lab B’s Art Experience will include interactive installations to immerse you in a fantasized world of bubble tea. Take a dip in the bubble tea ball pool. Show your bubble tea love by bear hugging a gigantic bubble tea balloon. Capture a memory at the AR photo booth. Your friends will get serious FOMO for sure.

The Tasting Room 

Lab B has created a room for a tasting journey with an in depth look into the history of bubble tea and offer tastings from some of New York’s finest boba shops. Originally Bubble tea was an accident but that opened the door for experimentation as it moved across the world and mingled together with each cities local flavor. Now bubble tea can be found anywhere from Taiwan to Akron Ohio each place with its own unique number of combinations.

The DIY Lab

In the lab you’ll experiment with different ingredients to create your very own, boba concoction. There will be experts on hand to give you some insight on the history of bubble tea so that you can create a unique recipe all your own. A one of a kind drink made to your own slurpy and sweet and chewy specifications.

Remember, bubble tea was born by accident and changed over time as people experimented. In Lab B’s opinion, Best. Accident. Ever.

Date: August 17th through 19th, 2018

Address: SOHO 107 Grand Street, New York

Get Your Ticket: I love Bubble Tea.


DiamoTech™ Transforms Non-Stick Cooking with Diamond-Infused Ceramic Coating

Here has a new revolutionary line of non-stick cookware – DiamoTech. Made from aluminum and coated with diamond-infused ceramic, DiamoTech provides superior non-stick cooking performance without the dangers associated with Teflon.

PFOA and similar chemicals are used in the manufacturing of Teflon, a non-stick coating for pots and pans and put home cooks at a higher risk of health issues, even certain types of cancers. Not only isDiamoTech safer than other non-stick pans on the market, but it also offers superior cooking quality at a very affordable price – beginning at just $19.99 for a 9.5″ Fry Pan.

The Secret is DiamoTech’s Innovative 4 Layer Design!

The secret is DiamoTech’s innovative 4 Layer design. We start with quality enforced aluminum for uniform heat distribution.

Then we apply high temperature outer coating that is scratch and abrasive resistant. Next we apply a quality ceramic coating infused with DiamoTech’s natural composition for high grade hardness and durability. We finish with our signature European top coat for a silky smooth yet strong surface.
  • Enforced Aluminum for Uniform Heat Distribution
  • Scratch & Abrasive Resistant
  • Cooks Food Evenly and Thoroughly
  • Goes From Stovetop to Oven
  • Ergonomic Handle: Stays Cool to the Touch
  • Non-Stick Ceramic Coating Infused with Diamotech
  • Oven Safe up to 500°
  • Dishwasher Safe

Designed to Let You Cook Without Oil, Butter or Grease!

Food Slides Right Off!
Stop trying to scrape food off and end up scratching your pan. DiamoTech is like cooking on a silky smooth finish- everything slides right off!

Makes Cooking Easier!

Go from the stovetop to the oven up to 500°. Bake and broil right in the pan! No sticking and no need for oil or butter. Cook and serve from one pan!
Tough and Durable Pan!
DiamoTech is tough enough to use metal mixer right in the pan. Not even sticky, gooey cornbread sticks- now that’s nonstick!
As an almost professional chef
– Ryan can’t wait to use it! He made meatball egg toasts!
Looks so awesome, right?
And the most important thing is the pan really saves a lot of time and it is not sticky at all!
The toast is well cooked and not burned. Beautiful and delicious!
I complimented Ryan, you did an amazing job.
And he said, thanks to this great pan!