Posts Written On August 11, 2018

Summer Weekend Party Idea – Boulder Canyon Chips

When you see this image, do you feel excited? As a chip fan, of course I do. I have a lot of chips prepared at home for every single weekend. But too many chips are not a good idea for a girl who also loves working out and keeping healthy. Here’s the solution: We need healthy chips. And Boulder Canyon is the best choice for a chip lover.

Boulder Canyon Kettle cooked chips use thickly sliced premium potatoes that are slow cooked in small kettles using sunflower and/or safflower oil. We then add our distinctive flavors to create the finest kettle chips around.

They are perfect for summer parties!

I have some recommend flavors.

Coconut Oil Mesquite Barbecue

Warning: Tropical snacking experience ahead. These kettle chips will transport you to a tropical paradise with pure coconut oil and the perfect blend of smoky mesquite barbecue flavor. Do your taste buds a favor, and savor each delicious crunch.

Rice Bran Oil-Himalayan Pink Salt

East meets West in these unique kettle cooked potato chips. Cooking in 100% Rice Bran Oil provides a smooth mild taste and crispy finish. Adding a dash of Himalayan Pink Salt makes these chips a global phenomenon.

Olive Oil Red Chili

Ready for the ultimate taste bud transcendence? Our Red Chili Kettle Cooked Potato chips are cooked in 100% olive oil for a smooth, flavorful finish. With just the right kick of red chili goodness and a crave-worthy crunch, this inspired delight will have your taste buds feeling victorious- like reaching the peak of a mountain, victorious!

Hickory Barbeque Kettle Chips

Boulder Canyon Hickory Barbeque Potato Chips deliver a sweet, smoked flavor that takes you back to your favorite outdoor barbeque. These rugged, rich and tangy chips feature a robust combination of hickory flavor, garlic and onion in a snack.

Or you can just enjoy the whole bad chips by yourself!

Deliciously Simple…Naturally Better

Next time you are in your local grocery or natural foods store, pick up a bag of Boulder Canyon snacks and flip it over. The common inclination is to start reading calories and fat counts, but first scan below to the ingredient list. There you will most often find three, maybe four ingredients. For instance, “Potatoes, Avocado Oil, Sea Salt,” is all there is to find within our Avocado Oil Canyon Cut™ chips, but we’d wager a bet that it’s a snack experience unlike any you’ve had before. Then look to the right hand side of the back panel and note our Boulder Benefits such as no trans fats, no cholesterol, low sodium, gluten-free, non-gmo, etc. Then head back to the nutrition panel; who knew sea salt had far less sodium than traditional refined salt? And the small batch cooking approach? Well, because our chips cook for shorter periods they are naturally 30% lower in fat. The list of benefits goes on and on…

In the end, Boulder Canyon is proud to be among the natural food innovators out to prove that a better experience exists when using real food ingredients.