Posts Written On July 30, 2018

My Mighty Magnet is the Perfect Dorm Accessory to Keep a Wall of College Memories

With a small closet and half a room, a college kid needs to optimize the use of their dorm room space. My Mighty Magnet provides a smart and creative solution to display those cherished memories from the high school days or showcase their college friends.

The Perfect way to hang and display everything from pictures to Christmas cards, invitations to artwork or anything that matters! Looking for a quick, fun and easy way to display photos or artwork and declutter your room?

Easily hang photos, make collages and say goodbye to those space-hogging picture frames and clutter! Simply hang the cable, display the item and place the decorative, super strong Mighty Magnet in place.

My Mighty Magnet is an incredibly smart, versatile and unique system that is simple for use in dorm rooms, the office and classrooms. My Mighty Magnet ads fun and whimsical style to any home decor. With over 60 unique My Mighty Magnet designs, the strong cable system can be hung literally anywhere! Simply hang the cable, display the item and place the decorative, super strong Mighty Magnet in place.

My Mighty Magnet avoids damaging the dorm room walls. By using a command hook, there are no holes in the walls and you’ll never use tape, nails or staples. This leaves the end of the year dorm room walls just like the student found them in the beginning of the year.

See My Mighty Magnet in action here:

Key Features:

  • Hangs vertically or horizontally and holds up to 8 pieces of paper with one Mighty Magnet
  • Each My Mighty Magnet comes with 9 super strong Mighty Magnets and a 5 foot weighted cable with a loop on top for easy hanging
  • There are more than 60 unique and trendy My Mighty Magnet themes available for every age group, interest and demographic
  • Ideal for dorm rooms, stocking stuffers, graduation and teacher gift

Display what matters to you with the My Mighty Magnet System.

About My Mighty Magnet

Each My Mighty Magnet comes with a 57 Inch Cable and 9 super strong mighty magnets. The cable can be hung vertically or horizontally and have a loop on top and a weight on the bottom. My Mighty Magnets are typically hung with a command hook so that they do not damage the walls in any way. We feature and stock over  60 different designs which are age and interest appropriate for everyone from a grandparent to a toddler. We are always adding more designs and exhibiting at retail and wholesale events to see what is trending. My Mighty Magnets can be used virtually anywhere! From hanging up your pictures and holiday cards at home to decluttering your office at work, these photo cables are an essential part of any room!

My Mighty Magnets make ideal gifts for all the people on your list. They work for Christmas and holiday cards, invitations, kids’ artwork, or really anything that matters to you. They are ideal gifts for Graduation, Teachers, Birthdays, Stocking Stuffers, House Warming, Big Sisters, Grand Parents, Nursing Homes and co-workers.  They are typically hung in dorm rooms, over the mantle, classrooms, craftrooms, cubicles, offices and anyplace with wall space. The more you put together, the more of a collage you create and the more of your world is cascading around you.