Posts Written On July 13, 2018

Improve The Look Of Your Skin… NATURALLY!

Put your best face forward this summer and improve the look and feel of your skin… NATURALLY! Harmony Herbal is the expert in medicinal botanicals that offer real solutions for problem skin with doctor-formulated Skin Therapy Calm®, the first product line to attack red and irritated skin- from both the inside and out- to create the healthy, glowing skin you’ve always craved.

Have you had a constant battle with red, rashy, scaly, inflamed skin? Who hasn’t? It’s time for a new approach! Skin Therapy Calm + Detox® all-herbal capsules target the internal detox and skin repair process and is loaded with powerful antioxidants. Combined with Skin Therapy Calm® OTC topical cream to combat inflammation and fortify lipids and moisture, the duo have helped thousands of people who have fought the battle with eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, and rash (including poison oaks & ivy) to finally attain healthy skin with a proprietary Skin Calming Complex of 15 super concentrated botanical extracts.

  • Combats redness, rash and irritation
  • Improves flaking, dryness & itching
  • Free of parabens, pthlatates, mineral oil, steroids, nuts and gluten