Posts Written On May 20, 2018

Summer is just around the corner!

An eco-friendly, bacteria-resistant microfiber towels offer savings, style,

and a healthy peace of mind.

The only reason to get out of the water!

Laguna Blue Towels are made of antibacterial*, 100% microfiber fabric designed to save water and keep you and your family healthy.

Backed by Olympian, mom and health advocate, Summer Sanders, our towels reduce the spread of bacteria by over 99% – keeping you in the pool all summerlong. Their lightweight, compact and soft fabric are perfect for those already stuffed beach bags.

Ranked as “Amazon’s Choice”  and featured on CBS’s The Doctors, our towels are here to make a splash!


Cotton towels can become transmitters of germs including MRSA and E. coli. Laguna Blue™ towels resist bacteria, keeping your family healthy.


Laguna Blue™ towels have a unique knit that absorbs liquid faster yet dries twice as quickly as a cotton towel—all while maintaining a luxurious feel.


The washer and dryer use the most energy of any household appliances, but Laguna Blue™ towels use less water and less energy—saving the environment while saving you money.

Laguna Blue™ towels offer superior protection against bacteria, absorb more water than cotton towels, and save you time and money. That’s the Laguna Blue™ Difference.

  • Laguna Blue™ towels use up to 50% less water than cotton towels
  • Based on a laboratory challenge with MRSA (Staph), Laguna Blue™ towels are over 99.8% effective in containing harmful bacteria
  • Out of all household appliances, the washer and dryer use the most energy at 6% of the total household energy use
  • Gross fact: a leading cause of E. coli is found in 89% of kitchen towels and over 25% of cotton bath towels
  • Lint that accumulates after drying clothes in the dryer can be toxic. Laguna Blue™ towels are non-linting
  • Laguna Blue™ towels are able to hold 7× their weight in water
  • Laguna Blue™ towels dry 50% faster than cotton towels, making them less suseptible to mold and mildew
  • Experts suggest washing cotton towels daily to reduce the growth of germs. Who has time for that?

Spend less time doing laundry, less time worrying about germs, and more time enjoying life. Laguna Blue is the towel that can make a difference in your everyday.




I know Mother’s Day has already passed, but I believe you are a good daughter/son/husband to make your loved woman happy everyday. I am so glad to introduce you to Lavish Leathers, handcrafted leather jewelry out of Austin, Texas that help fashionistas make a bold statement, with a whimsical twist! Plus dudes on a budget, all of these funky pieces are under $30!!! 

Offering dozens of styles, colors and prints in earrings, necklaces and keychains, Lavish Leathers pride themselves on affordable accessories for everyone from young ladies just finding their personal styles, to confident women who know exactly what they want and love.  

Ladies will particularly love the soft, lightweight leather and nickel free hooks, perfect for carefree, all-day comfort. 

Metallics, animal prints, florals, tassels, beading…even sports themed stunners, Lavish Leathers has created one-of-a-kind, gorgeous pieces for every type of lifestyle. Moms are the best, aren’t they?  

Double Cut Pink and Banana Leopard LeatherEarrings ($17-$21):  

Meow! Leopard is never NOT in season! Juxtaposed against a delicious pale pink these earrings (offered in small, medium & large) are perfect for a casual day look or a frisky evening out on the town!

Turquoise Arrows Tassel Necklace ($29): 

Tassels + Turquoise = Cute, Cute and More Cute! Offered in a range of rich leather colors, these necklaces are the perfect length (30”) and will add a dollop of sauciness to any outfit! 

Lavish Leathers Keychains ($25)

Pimp Mom’s car keys! Why not give a boring necessity like keys, a funky facelift! Feathery, vibrant handcrafted tassels that won’t add unneeded weight, but will add much needed flair! (Did I mention custom orders are always welcome??)

You’re an Austin area local, you don’t say?!? Head over to the Lavish Leathers store in Buda to shop and satiate your inner fashionista! Not from the Lone Star State? Visit for these sassy styles. Follow their trendsetting adventures on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram!


Behind the scenes at Lavish Leathers:

Lavish Leathers is owned by sisters, Amber & Sienna. Raised in a family where creativity ran wild, both have vivid memories of their mom making homemade Barbie outfits or sitting down with their grandfather and watching him paint.  Amber & Sienna were taught at a young age the joy of creating and sharing it with others. Through the encouragement of friends and family Lavish Leathersopened for business in March of 2015 with the hope of being able to share its handcrafted products with others.  Amber & Sienna continue to create and innovate new and fabulous Lavish Leathers products and are always working on the next great accessory for their lovely LL ladies!