Posts Written On May 10, 2018

Divina Vince Camuto – fragrance for her!

No woman would say no to fragrance. As I grow up, my mom always told me how important the fragrance is to women. I clearly remember that my favorite thing in my childhood always was to watch my mom chose her fragrance to use every morning. She said wearing the fragrance is the first step to begin a new day. Now I totally get what does she mean, I become a fragrance lover!

This Mother’s Day, I have a magical gift idea for my mom. It is Divina Vince Camuto! This amazing fragrance exactly reminds me my mom’s fragrance smell which I admire all the time. I believe it is the perfect gift for all the moms who love using fragrance. It has a beautiful package and bottle as well. I like seeing this bottle shining under the sunshine.

Divina Vince Camuto opens with notes of fresh, grapefruity pamplemousse and the tangy tartness of aromatic blackcurrant. Fruity top notes give way to the scent’s heart of bright sunflower petals and mimosa blossoms with their trail of warm honey. The green touch of violet leaves rounds out the scent’s heart. Sumptuous, heady florals drift into notes of powdery heliotrope and rich, golden sandalwood, finishing with a base of warm, sweet musk.

The sunny-fruity-floral fragrance was created by Caroline Sabas, perfumer at Givaudan. “With divina Vince Camuto, I wanted to create a fragrance with a lot of energy and happiness. Sunflowers and mimosa blossoms both give me those feelings and inspire moments of carefree femininity. I remember my house in France filled with mimosa when I was a little girl, and that scent always gave me pure joy… the warmth made me feel so alive,” said Sabas.

Now, you can get a free tote when you purchase Divina Vince Camuto Fragrance! Link to your perfect Mother’s Day Gift!


The Okabashi Flip Flop Phenomenon

Being an official Las Vegas resident now, I have been amassing a collection of sandals and flipflops like never before. Socks and sneakers have been put away and high heels are nonexistent in my wardrobe these days. When it is over 109F already and barely May, you know that summer is going to be a hot one. I discovered the Okabashi flip-flops recently and had received a sample of Maui to test out.  There is a dedicated fan base for Okabashis online and from the comments, one fan suggests putting them in the dishwasher to clean them even.  I definitely will not do that, and I think just a quick rinse with the hose will be sufficient!

The Maui flip flop is a must-have for every woman’s shoe collection. This sandal is non-slip, flexible, washable and supportive, making it a great post workout, fitness recovery shoe as well as perfectly suited for everyday wear. 

The fun, floral insole will remind you of a tropical vacation and the comfort provides therapy for your feet with every step.

I have been pretty bummed that Polyvore is no longer exists so I would love to plan a cute outfit with these. Guess I have to do it IRL!  One of the coolest things about Okabashi is that you can lower your carbon footprint by purchasing these sandals made from innovative, vegan, bio-based soy materials.

What color Maui do you like?

Less than 1% of shoes worn in the United States today are made in the USA.

Okabashi shoes are manufactured in Buford, Georgia and each pair travels only 7% as far as the average imported shoe. This prevents 10,000 miles of carbon emissions from the ships, planes and trucks required to transport shoes to the US. Resulting in a 1/200th of the average imported shoe carbon footprint.

Our women leadership team goes above and beyond stringent US standards to create opportunity and community for our diverse 200 employees, including veterans.

At Okabashi, we believe in closed-loop recycling to reduce the use of virgin material and to keep old shoes from becoming environmental waste.

The average pair of Okabashi shoes contain 15-25% recycled material.

If you return your well-loved and worn Okabashi shoes to our factory, we will recycle them for use in new Okabashi products or other non-apparel goods.

Once we receive your shoes, we will email you a 15% off promo code to use on your next pair of Okabashis as a thank you from us and the planet.

The brands’ CEO, Sara Irvani, is a third-generation shoe maker who is passionate about changing the shoe industry


Spring into Mother’s Day with Spring Celebration Smoothie!

Mother’s Day is all about pampering — and of course lots of moms are treated with breakfast in bed. This Spring Celebration Smoothie is not only filled with yummy fruits, but it has something extra to keep mom at her peak.
All-natural BROC SPROUT 2 contains whole broccoli sprouts which are the most potent natural dietary source of Sulforaphane, a molecule that’s been widely credited with helping trigger our body’s  natural defense system against conditions like diabetes, cancers, and inflammation.  Think about this: You would need to consume between 5-7 POUNDS of young whole broccoli sprouts daily to get the same benefits that are in two capsules of BROC SPROUT 2! The capsules can be easily swallowed or opened and added into a smoothie!
It’s a healthy (and tasty) way to start mom’s special day!

Urbanhalo – Find Your Favorite Headband Here

It’s always been a choice: headband that fits but causes a headache? Or hair/sweat in the eyes? Thankfully, Urbanhalo has created THE solution!
Urbanhalo is the ultimate headband, specifically created to keep hair out of your face without the headache (literally)! Using their unique fabric, Urbanhalo is stylish AND functional! Joining their chic collection is ALL NEW designs for spring and summer!
Great for exercise and as a stylish hair accessory, get ready to enjoy your new favorite headband year round! Urbanhalo headbands feature:
  • Unique fabric blend
  • Created in the US
  • Crazy soft, but able to wick away sweat
  • Nylon-free (keeping you headache-free!)
  • Super stretchy so that you get the perfect fit
  • Great for Women, Men and in kid sizing, too
  • Fashionable and functional!
Whether heading to the gym or to the office, Urbanhalo has the unique blend of staying in place and comfortably. With so many styles to choose from, Urbanhalo is great for Women, Men and in kid’s sizing, too!
Urbanhalo was created out of need when founder Jen Joas couldn’t find the ideal headband for her daily jog. Hoping to find something that looked good and kept sweat off her face without causing a headache, she started her quest to find the perfect fabric combination and Urbanhalo was born!
Here are several my favorite styles:
Mad Hatter
Halo Baby No. 29
Paisley Park 
$15 – learn more at

At UrbanHalo, we’re about more than just our headbands and studio scarves, we’re about connecting with our customers, making their experiences with our company and products an exceptional one, and sharing the love of handmade goodness. Unlike many other companies, our customers help shape our business and are an integrated part of who we are (did you know each and every one of our designs are named by our facebook fans?). Our story wouldn’t be the same without them.