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Gursey Coffee Roasters for the Mob Museum

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, has tapped Celebrity Coffee Chef Jeremy Gursey to create its artisan coffee and tea program for its new café and speakeasy. Having served coffee behind the scenes on many gangster films and tv shows, including stints serving “The Sopranos”, “Donnie Brasco”, and “Get Shorty”, he found inspiration for many of his creations from his experiences with the actors portraying mobsters. His locally based company J. Gursey Coffee Roasters will be providing fresh roasted beans which will feature fair trade coffee and teas from around the world and signature drinks exclusive to the Museum including a Mob “Mocha” Latte, made with house made chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa dust, and cold brew Nitro Draft Coffee on tap made in-house.

Jeremy Gursey, CEO, commented: “As part of the local community, we are so happy to be working with The Mob Museum, as it is not only a great educational platform, but also an exciting attraction in the city of Las Vegas.”



  1. Gursey Coffee Roasters began in 1993 when founder Jeremy Gursey started serving his artisan coffee creations to celebrities on television and film sets. He soon traveled the world, as the personal coffee chef to Hollywood’s elite, including Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, before building a flagship roasterie in Las Vegas, Nevada. After collaborating with top chefs and studying under world champion baristas and master roasters, he and his team applied their culinary knowledge to each distinctive blend of coffee creating unique programs for the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industries.

From crop to cup, J. Gursey utilizes responsibly sourced fair trade coffees from a limited supply of the highest quality beans available from regions around the world.  They meticulously choose and blend their coffees based on origin, taste, and cultivation techniques.  The degree of roast is specifically balanced with the origin of the bean to create the ultimate experience for coffee lovers and connoisseurs.

Their proprietary clean burning oxygen-rich air bed roasting process distinguishes the flavor profile of their coffee by utilizing the naturally arid southwest climate of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Each bean is gently enveloped in air as it roasts to optimal temperature. The resulting fusion is decadent, full-bodied, and deliciously satisfying.


It’s the weekend– throw the ultimate slumber party!

Snuggle up with your loved ones under a special blanket from Ecuadane. Each is made with love in the heart of Ecuador by native Otavaleños living amidst the Andes Mountains and volcanoes.  The blanket combines a blend of rich earth tones creating an exquisite pattern that will travel and carry the history of your many adventures. I want to introduce this super cool product to you, it is beautiful, functional and very comfy!

Here are some cute choices:




The Antisana blanket is named after a stratovolcano of the Northern Andes, Ecuador. It’s vibrant colors and geometric patterns will bring the rustic charm of southwestern culture into your favorite cozy space. Great for the home, beach, camping or a picnic. It’s blend of high quality alpaca and synthetic materials ensure durability for wonderful memories for years to come.


Inspired by the active stratovolcano located in the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador, the Tungurahua blanket is a collector’s item. The volcano draws wanderlust visitors who thirst for adventure and admire the beauty of nature. The blanket combines a blend of rich earth tones creating an exquisite pattern that will travel and carry the history of your many adventures. Woven by Otavaleños, the ultra soft throw is an Ecuadorian blend of alpaca and synthetic materials.


Inspired by a dormant volcano in the Andes of Ecuador, the Cotacachi blanket features a combination of cool and warm color scheme and detailed native print. Its blend of vibrant rich colors makes the blanket the perfect piece to transition from cool summer nights to colder winter evenings. Our ultra soft blanket is an Ecuadorian blend of alpaca and synthetic materials.


Inspired by a dormant volcano in the Andes of Ecuador, the Cotacachi blanket features a beautiful warm color pallet and detailed native print. Its blend of vibrant rich colors makes the blanket the perfect piece to transition from cool summer nights to colder winter evenings. Our ultra soft blanket is an Ecuadorian blend of alpaca and synthetic materials.

It is all about ECUADANE.


The everywhere Blanket is manufactured in a small family owned facility on Otavalo, Ecuador where the indigenous Otavaleno people have been weavers since pre-Incan times.


The Otavaleno culture believes Mother Nature, or Pachamama, to be as important as a human being full of life, strength and soul. They do not seek to dominate the environment but to coexist with it. Therefore, The Everywhere Blanket is created using only high-recycled content material.


The original design of The Everywhere Blanket are inspired by the Otavaleno culture and tradition as well the diverse nature and beauty of the Andean mountain region.


Machine Wash cold using Woolite Detergent. Tumble dry on medium. Don’t forget to brush your blanket to maintian its appearance.


$10 from your purchase will be donated to Baca Ortiz Children’s Hospital in Quito Ecuador to provide care for children in the community.

To Discover the Undiscovered – About Ecuadane.

We are three American sisters with parents who were raised on different continents (Europe and South America) who through their love for each other and their respective cultures have made it a mission to share with us the gift of travel. Travel opens our minds and our hearts to new discoveries. Travel makes us realize that in essence we are all the same, but our culture and subjective experience mold us into beings that are all beautifully different and unique.  Through our travel experiences we have learned so much and have had the privilege of seeing how the singular talent of craftsmanship as it is applied in different cultures and seen through their varying creative lenses produces vastly different products and designs.  The detailed beauty that is woven into the fabric of a culture becomes visually apparent as it is woven into the fabric of the products they produce.

We love to travel, and even more, we love to spend time with our family. So we decided to embark on an adventure that would help us accomplish more of both! Thus, Ecuadane was born as an online market of curated short run, high quality products from around the world, exposing others to a piece of our journey, while supporting the craftsmen and women and the families that created them.  Families supporting families, sharing in the diversity of cultures, traditions and lifestyle. Curating great stories, and even greater products!

Our mission through sharing in our lifestyle is that we might create a community that supports, shares and educates – helping us all become more aware of the beauty of the human experience.

We are three sisters with big hearts and big plans. We are Ecuadane.


New line from The Grandpa Soap Company promises uniquely natural haircare

The Grandpa Soap Company, one of the oldest continuously operating soap-makers in America, is introducing a new line of naturally-made haircare products. Formulated from proven, functional ingredients, Grandpa’s shampoos and conditioners round out a product line that is able to solve any skin and hair problem, the natural way.

The new haircare collection includes Pine Tar scalp-therapy shampoo and conditioner, which teams pine tar with the natural properties of tea tree oil to combat dry, itchy scalp. Three additional shampoo and conditioner duos are being introduced to provide specific benefits: smoothing and nourishing Buttermilk for dry and damaged color-treated hair, purifying and rejuvenating Rosemary and Rose Clay to restore healthy hair shine, and clarifying and calming organic Witch Hazel to remove environmental build-up and oil residue.

All of The Grandpa Soap Company’s products are free of the harsh chemicals commonly found in bath products, including sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, petroleum, and artificial fragrances and colors. They are gentle enough for daily use and safe for color-treated hair.

The company’s commitments to cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable practices are backed by third-party certifications, including Leaping Bunny and the National Celiac Association, for certified Gluten-Free. The packaging for Grandpa’s haircare products, including the 8-ounce tube and cap, are fully-recyclable and all components are made in the same facility, to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

“As a mom, I understand how difficult it can be to keep a home free of unnecessarily toxic cleansers.” says Katherine Jarnigo, co-CEO of The Grandpa Soap Company. “We are excited to reveal our new line of shampoos and conditioners to families who are seeking responsibly-made and naturally-formulated personal care products.”

Grandpa’s haircare products have suggested retail prices between $8.49 and $9.99, and are available nationally in supermarkets and independent, natural grocery chains. They can also be purchased online at, and For additional information or to find a local retailer, please visit

The Grandpa Soap Company’s rich heritage started at the stove of Jess Hoffman’s farm in 1878, and extends through several generations of family operation and ownership. Over the years, a few things have changed, but the Kentucky-based company’s original dedication remains – to simple, effective products for head-to-toe cleanliness. Today, the company remains family-owned and women-operated. Katherine Oliver Jarnigo and Molly Oliver Vollmer are sisters, moms, and co-CEOs. The Oliver family and its employees stand behind the quality of its products and value of its traditions.


She’s A Fox – NEW Hard Candy Scented Powder

Channel your inner fox with the NEW Hard Candy Fox in a Box Scented Marbleized Baked Powder!  Achieve that sheer, healthy, natural glow with one of five finely milled mica pigments, complete with a brush for easy blending and application.  The desired scent is just a scratch and sniff away on the outer sticker.  So go ahead and unleash the fox from within with these custom blended shades inspired by different moods and personalities.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box Scented Marbleized Baked Powder, $7

  • A smooth, baked formula that delivers multi dimensional yet sheer, buildable colors to offer and healthy and natural glow
  • To apply, swipe a powder brush into the pan and blend into the skin

The Hard Fox in A Box Scented Marbleized Baked Powder are available at Walmart and


The world’s first climate smart skincare

Unlike many skincare brands that provide products based on skin type, Pour Moi Skincare knows that the best way to care for your skin is to focus on your current climate. Ever notice how your skin reacts differently to temperature and humidity changes? Every Pour Moi product includes the brand’s unique Climate Smart Moisture Complex HyalurTruf+: a proprietary blend of multi-molecular, scientifically advanced Hyaluronic Acid with pure White Truffle extract from France, rich in amino acid and valuable sugars. HyalurTruf+ is always at work, smartly adjusting to skin’s changing needs in different climates (natural or man-made) by drawing water into skin when humidity is above 50% or counteracting dehydration when humidity is too low.

The brand currently offers four Day Creams based on climate:

  • Temperate – mild temperatures (45°F — 75°F) and average humanity (45% – 65%)
  • Polar – low temperatures (20°F — 45°F) and low humidity (5% — 45%)
  • Tropical – high temperatures (75°F — 120°F) and high humidity (65% — 100%)
  • Desert – high temperatures (75°F — 120°F) and low humidity (5% — 45%)

Visit Pour Moi’s website to see which Day Cream is best for you. There’s even a how-to page if you’re not sure!


Pour Moi Beauty LLC is a U.S. beauty brand specializing in premium skincare, co-founded by European beauty & wellness expert Ulli Haslacher and business veteran Frank Assumma in Upland, California.

Being a skincare enthusiast and frequent traveler, Ulli paired up with a team of International scientists to secure a new niche in the beauty world—climate smart skincare.  With the support of her renowned team , Ulli abandoned the common strategy of selecting skincare by skin type and replaced it with a revolutionary climate strategy in which skincare is selected by climates.

Doing something different – educating women and men about a ‘better’ way to do skin care – is difficult and takes courage for an indie beauty company like us, especially in the face of conventional skin care wisdom that has misdirected the industry and consumers for years.  As a brand we are committed to doing so, because we know that our mission and our climate-smart skin care strategy is the right path forward for healthier, more hydrated skin.”

– Ulli Haslacher, Founder & President

With scientific research from all over the world validating that skin functions change in different climates, each Pour Moi product delivers superior beauty results with innovative formulations that adapt the skin to optimize hydration, moisture, and smoothness across various climates (polar, tropical, desert, temperate, mountain (coming spring 2018), and marine (coming summer 2018), and protects skin in man-made environments (heating, air-conditioning, and pollution).


Celebrate the Spring Sky Indoors!

It’s spring skies ahead and BlissLights ALL NEW SKY Lite lets you bring the starry magic indoors! Experience a drifting blue nebula cloud with a moving starfield of green light projected onto any surface. Using patented technology, this two-tone plug-and-play lighting assembly transforms any space and creates a relaxing ambiance.

The ALL NEW SKY Lite features:

  • Gorgeous sky-like appearance
  • Great for creating a relaxing ambiance, to use at a party or as a nightlight and more
  • Perfect addition to a bedroom, playroom, or multi-sensory room
  • Blue nebula cloud effect
  • Projected, randomized green star pattern
  • 2 tone plug-and-play lighting
  • 2 versions to choose from: SKY Premium and SKY Lite

Bring the outdoor night sky inside and continue the fun of spring with the Sky Lite!

SKY Lite is coming soon on

includes – double-tap on/off functionality, a more randomized star pattern, and a multi-directional base for endless customization. Also comes with a remote to adjust the brightness and nebula for the perfect setting.

SKY Lite
includes – a fixed base with a rotational star pattern.