Celebrate the Spring Sky Indoors!

It’s spring skies ahead and BlissLights ALL NEW SKY Lite lets you bring the starry magic indoors! Experience a drifting blue nebula cloud with a moving starfield of green light projected onto any surface. Using patented technology, this two-tone plug-and-play lighting assembly transforms any space and creates a relaxing ambiance.

The ALL NEW SKY Lite features:

  • Gorgeous sky-like appearance
  • Great for creating a relaxing ambiance, to use at a party or as a nightlight and more
  • Perfect addition to a bedroom, playroom, or multi-sensory room
  • Blue nebula cloud effect
  • Projected, randomized green star pattern
  • 2 tone plug-and-play lighting
  • 2 versions to choose from: SKY Premium and SKY Lite

Bring the outdoor night sky inside and continue the fun of spring with the Sky Lite!

SKY Lite is coming soon on BlissLights.com

includes – double-tap on/off functionality, a more randomized star pattern, and a multi-directional base for endless customization. Also comes with a remote to adjust the brightness and nebula for the perfect setting.

SKY Lite
includes – a fixed base with a rotational star pattern.



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