Posts Written On April 15, 2018

Starting To Prepare The Gifts For Mothers Day!

On this International Women’s Day we are excited to look ahead to a time we take to honor some of the most important women in our lives, Mother’s Day!

The ANDI Brand has released a brand new Rose Gold Style! ANDI Brand is a woman founded and run company that’s mantra “Be Good to Yourself” remains the driving force behind its purpose and creative processes. ANDI is is %100 vegan, waterproof, incredibly lightweight, machine-washable and of course transformable, the perfect gift for a busy woman on the go!

The ANDI Rose Gold Grey
Retail: $198
Link to retail:

This style in the brands metallic finish is accented by a rainbow strap, perfect to motivate through a spring workout!

The ANDI Midnight Metal Colorchrome
Price at Retail: $198
Link to Retail:

Melissa has worked with Away To Mars to create a collaborative collection with users of their platform. This collaborative project, titled Citizens of Everywhere began in 2017 and was divided in three stages, inviting the public to join the creative process in every step.  All the registered members of AWAYTOMARS platform could access the partnership site, give their feedback, suggest changes and vote for their favorite ones. This resulted in the 3 styles, designed by the public that walked the Lisbon Fashion Week Runways this weekend, and we were available for purchase minutes after they were shown.

Melissa / AWAYTOMARS collection will be first available in a limited run immediately after the fashion show at Galeria Melissa Paulo, New York, London, Melissa stores in Portugal, Melissa e- shop, and AWAYTOMARS e-shop.

Prices Range from $115 – $140
Product available:

Brings new life to Melissa’s popular mule in perfect time for spring. A crossover style with sling back is the perfect option to step into the new the season with comfort. Melissa is always 100% vegan, waterproof and made from eco-friendly recyclable PVC.

Available in Black, Blue, Nude and Red
Price at Retail: $149
Link to Product: