Scratch your way to great art with SCRATCH & CREATE books!

Do you have an itch to create art? Then scratch it! With our Scratch & Create books, you’ll etch and scratch delightful, unique illustrations with the specially designed stylus we provide. This innovative approach to relaxing with art gives armchair sketchers a new collection of projects to reach. Plus, pages are perforated, so you can display your art when you’re done.

Read fascinating facts and see if you can guess which creature is being described as you scratch away and reveal beautiful animal portraits.

Amazing Endangered Animals
by Anne Bentley
Paperback, 20 pages
US $17.99, CAN $23.99
Rockport Publishers

Lose yourself in these intricate, terrestrial, designs of spirals, tangles, and geometric patterns.

Scratch and Draw Patterns
by Zoe Ingram
Paperback, 20 pages
US $19.99, CAN $24.99
Rockport Publishers

This unique book features inspirational and decorative illustrations of flowers, leaves, and other botanical designs.

Scratch and Draw Botanicals
by Zoe Ingram
Paperback, 20 pages
US $19.99, CAN: $24.99
Rockport Publishers

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