Interview Beauty Mastermind’s Secrets Behind Kylie Jenner, Kim K, & Chrissy Teigen’s Glow

Learn secrets to apply the perfect at-home spray tan this winter with the foremost expert Marcella Arthur who was featured this week in US Weekly sharing her secrets behind the perfect wintertime glow for her clients Kim KardashianChrissy Teigen, Leonardo DiCaprioMiranda KerrBlake LivelyJessica Simpson and Fergie. We would love to arrange an interview with Marcella who is behind Hollywood’s most famous tans, and feature her brand new Suvara by SixPlusThree self-tan spray that makes it possible for anyone to get the same luxurious and vitamin rich glow as Tinseltown’s A-list.

Now available nationwide for the first time, we would love to send you Hollywood’s secret non-gender specific home self-tanning solution Suvara by SixPlusThree and connect you with its founder and creator Marcella who has celebrities singing the praises of her one-of-a-kind vitamin and antioxidant enriched tanning formulation that is low in DHA, organic and contains vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid which makes you notice a glow behind the tan.

With professional expert Suvara tanners across the country, and now the new take home SixPlusThree Spray & Glow solution so that everyone anywhere can experience the same tanning glow, Suvara World has become a nation-wide phenomenon. Kylie Jenner recently blogged about Suvara’s natural results and how the new sunless bronzer is her must have “Tan in a Can” when she travels. What started out as an experiment by a pharmacist and partner whose wife had gone through her own battle of skin cancer, has now spurred a cult like following for their solution that has been attested to be the best by an A-list clientele that continues to grow. Thanks to CEO and founder, Marcella Arthur, Suvara World has been developing and manufacturing luxury sunless solutions and skin care that delivers unmatched results. Their premium formulation has been the “Go To” sunless airbrush choice of celebrities that demand a product that is organic, full of skin nutrients and that will give them a natural glow that will gradually fade giving them a more natural look. Not to be mistaken with a traditional spray tan, Suvara Airbrush sessions are an experience like no other that will leave you feeling naturally sun kissed and fresh.

The new SixPlusThree Spray & Glow is a unique hydrating instant self tanning spray solution scientifically developed with the highest in quality ingredients for all skins types and genders. Suvara World’s one-of-kind special fine tip applicator spray ensures optimal results. Enriched with a light bronzer that will add an instant natural looking radiance to your skin, while the gradual elements develop to deliver a beautiful just kissed by the sun glow.
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