Finding All Your Stuff Made Easy with the Cube Tracker

You can attach your Cube Tracker to so many of the things you need. Use it to find your keys, phone, purse or jacket. When that thing is lost, ping Cube with your mobile phone to make it ring. You can find your phone with Cube Tracker too by pinging your mobile phone with the button on Cube. Cube will make your phone ring even if your phone is on silent! The Cube Tracker app shows the last known location on a map and uses Bluetooth to tell you if you are near or far.

Say you lose your keys in the rain, Cube Tracker is waterproof. Say you lose them in the snow, Cube Tracker can survive in sub-zero temps. This genius product can even help you find something you didn’t realize you lost. Once you remember you lost your keys, Cube Tracker can help you find them up to two years after you tagged them.

Why You Have to Have a Cube Tracker:

Long Distance – The Cube Tracker app’s map shows you the location where your item was last seen. Once you’re there, your item will be within 100 feet.

Replaceable Battery – When your battery dies, just replace it. Competitor’s products don’t have this feature, which means when their batteries die, the product must be replaced.

Use for Anything – You can attach a Cube Tracker to your purse or jacket with a special hook.

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