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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him!


Give him something he can always wear this Valentine’s Day. These timeless, Swiss-Made watches are for men who want to make a statement. Crafted for versatile wear and impeccable timekeeping, Alexander relentlessly curates inspiration from pioneers in all fields. The courageous authenticity of New York City inspires watch aesthetics, too. Elegant collabos with famous Golden Age rappers, Olympic athletes, plus fashion and lifestyle icons update exquisite, classical watchmaking, so you’ll always have a reason to wear a fine watch in a modern world.

Best Wardrobe Solutions

Being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice – and class. Give the special man in your life something stylish and practical with Best Wardrobe Solutions’ Best Pocket Square Holder! A lightweightdurable product designed to hold the fold of any pocket square or handkerchief permanently inside the breast pocket of a suit, tuxedo, sport coator vestBest Pocket Square Holder is an essential for every man to have in his closet.


Help your man put his best foot forward with stylish shoes that don’t lack substance. UWEZO offer styles that are consciously-made with the purpose of empowering others through fashion and scholarship funds. With each dollar you spend, you help to support vulnerable children in Africa through our partner charity, Empower African Children.

CleverMade Cooler

CleverMade’s Cooler is the gift that keeps on giving. This cooler makes it easy to store all your supplies for any big game or event. It locks in temperature to keep your food and drinks cold, hauls up to 50 cans of your favorite beverage, and quickly snaps into a smaller size to save space in your trunk once your coolers empty! Gift this space-saving, yet structured cooler with insulated leak proof interior this V-Day!


Does your main squeeze love to grill up a mean steak? Keep their grill going all year long with Grillbot! With just the touch of a button, this automatic grill cleaning robot will do all the dirty work. Complete with an LCD alarm and timer that lets you set it and forget it, Grillbot is driven by a sophisticated CPU chip that controls the movement, speed and direction of the brushes for a smooth, savvy cleaning. Whether it’s a gift for your husband, dad or brother, give him the gift of nonstop grilling with Grillbot!

Rufus Teague

Help him take his meals to the next level with Rufus Teague! Made with only the highest quality ingredients, Rufus Teague offers an array of sweet and spicy sauces and rubs for all your recipes. Kick off the winter months with a new, delicious taste from Rufus Teague! All products are Kosher and Gluten-Free, with no high fructose used. This brand makes great gifts for the holiday season as well as making drool-worthy appetizers for your guests.

Volt Resistance

With winter officially here, get him something both trendy and techy from Volt! Their Heated Thermal Half Zip (THZ) is powered by a 5 volt USB powerbank battery that can be found at most retail stores. These batteries can be used for heating up the THZ or charging your cell phone. This athletic but stylish pullover jacket can be worn as a mid layer or outer layer depending on the outside temperature and/or your desired core temperature.

PIQS Projector by Butterfly Technology:

For the techy guy in your life! This ultimate, portable big screen projector features breakthrough technology in a sleek, stylish modern design. The PIQS Virtual Touch Projector includes the world’s first patented virtual touch remote, a revolutionary remote control allowing users to interact with the screen from 10-20 feet away, avoiding the common touch screen in which your body will block the audience view and cast a shadow on screen; currently the farthest operating distance in the industry. The projector’s compact size means it’s small enough to be carried from one’s boardroom for presentations and home for watching movies with the family.

Ghost Scream

Ghost Scream Sauces: Hot Sauces, Pastes & Jams – a tasty way to spice up your Valentine’s Day! Bridge the gap between heat and flavor with sweet, smoky, roasted, goodness. All fresh veggies, no fake powdered flavors, low in sodium and sugar – mouthwatering magic! Great on pork, chicken, seafood, pizza, salads, delicious in a Bloody Mary, Michelada….just about anything!

Nuni Tortilla Toaster

Know a man who appreciates a good taco? If so, have him join the Nuni revolution and never flip tortillas again! Be a taco hero with an innovative product that heats up six tortillas at once so hungry mouths don’t have to wait for the one -at-a-time pan method. Say goodbye to soggy tortillas from the microwave and warm up an authentic feast any day of the week with Nuni!


Valentine’s Made Sweet With Chocolate Pizza Company

Whether it’s a heart-shaped Chocolate Pizza or surprise gift basket, sweet them off their feet with the gourmet goodies from Chocolate Pizza Company:

  • All My Love Gift Basket: When you send this awesome gourmet chocolate gift basket, you’ll be in hero territory on Valentine’s Day. Melt their heart with this show-stopping, delicious gift basket filled with the famous Peanut Butter Wings, Candy Avalanche Slice, 2 of the boxed specialities, Drumstick, Cluster, hand-swirled solid chocolate heart, chocolate covered graham crackers, 2 chocolate covered vanilla creme cookies with decorations, Peanut Butter sparkler, chocolate covered pretzel rod, chocolate covered puffed rice and marshmallow treat and a Moompa.
  • Cupid Would Send This Gift Basket: Your valentine will give you endless hugs when this gift basket arrives! Beautifully presented with over-wrap and bow, it includes Peanut Butter Sparklers, Drumstick, chocolate covered graham crackers and more. Add a Valentine’s themed Chocolate Pizza to your order to make it an unforgettable gift!
  • Heart Shaped Chocolate Pizza: Express your love exactly the way you want with this unique, delicious treat! Add your own words to this heart-shaped delight with an impressive candy avalanche border to create something they won’t be able to find anywhere else!
  • Chocolate Treats – Kids: Love on your little one with the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise! The Valentine’s Mini Tote includes a chocolate covered puffed rice and marshmallow treat, a chocolate covered vanilla creme-filled cookie with decoration and a mini Chocolate Pizza. It even comes in a festive handled mini tote!


Thank you for discovering Chocolate Pizza Company where the gourmet chocolate specialties have been a favorite for business and personal occasions for nearly three decades. The owner, Ryan Novak, started working here when he was 15, mopping floors and washing dishes but dreaming of one day taking the company to new heights. In 2010, at age 21, that dream of owning the business became reality. Today, Chocolate Pizza Company has transformed a small town chocolate shop into an emerging national brand. In 2015, Chocolate Pizza Company moved a couple miles outside the village of Marcellus to more spacious acreage on NY Route 175 between Skaneateles and Marcellus where Ryan built a beautiful, new production and retail facility that reflects the company’s dramatic growth.

Featured in major magazines like People, Forbes and Chief Executive and nationally on Food Network, NBC, ABC and internationally on Discovery Channel India and Food Network Canada, our signature and trademarked – Chocolate Pizza® and Peanut Butter Wings® – leads a line-up of over 100 treats that are unique, delicious, impressive. Chocolate Pizza Company uses the highest quality Swiss-style chocolate and blend that gourmet chocolate with homemade English toffee to create a tasteful masterpiece. Proudly family-owned and operated, Chocolate Pizza Company has a wonderful team of skilled professionals that create amazing confections. Whatever the occasion, business or pleasure, Chocolate Pizza Company is the perfect choice.


Unique Valentines Gifts For Him In Every Price Range

Primo Ceramic Grills:  What guy wouldn’t want the Jack Daniel’s Edition Oval XL 400.  This exclusive ceramic grill that celebrates Americaningenuity, quality craftsmanship and the independent spirit of grillers and barbecuers who share a passion for great food and extraordinary whiskey. $1,530

Alexander Watch:  Fine watches for extraordinary lives.  Designed in Brooklyn. Engineered in Biel. Worn Everywhere.  A young brand with multi-generational watchmakers at the helm, Alexander knows its forthcoming power in the watch world. This is heritage in the making.  Prices starting at $500

Nuni Tortilla Toaster:  Warming tortillas one at a time is so 2017! Time to step up your taco game with this patent pending 6 slot tortilla toaster!  After years of R & D, Nuni is the innovative product that will change the way you heat tortillas forever!  Drop in 6 tortillas, push a button and 60 seconds later you have 6 perfectly warmed tortillas ready for your crowd to fill with their favorite taco fixings.  No more standing over the pan heating one tortilla at a time.  No more burned tortillas.  And thankfully no soggy tortillas that were heated in the microwave! $99

Dat Mat:  Motivate him to hit the Yoga Studio with these 100% original mats from Dat Mats.  Does he love pizza?  He will lose his mind over this mat.  Something for everyone!  These mats were featured on The Today Show & Huffington Post. $49

Nod Products:  This fun website has so much quirky fun stuff to choose from.  These Solar Phone Chargers for $24.99 are always a hit, or the bike pouch for $9.99 is super handy!  You will definitely find something here that he will love.


Give Him the Gift of Style this Valentine’s Day with Lenor Romano

Described by Founder Lenor Romano as “timeless” and “delicious,” this brand was created for men with a passion for style with class. Featuring an array of color combinations and subtle prints, make a statement with your wardrobe whether you’re dressing for a day at the office, or prepping for a night out on the town.

From T-Shirts to polos, this line has something for every apparel need:

  • Broken Stripe Cotton Tee: Soft and silky and made from 100% fine cotton. Also available in plus sizes
  • Linen Viscose polo: Flattering and fully fashioned striped short sleeve polo, silky and comfortable, with just the right amount of linen for the look and viscose for drape
  • Textured Indigo Shirt: Features a hidden button down collar, Japanese textured fabric and is 100% cotton

New House and Keeping it Clean

So the exciting news is that we are looking to buy a house this year! Woohoo, after nearly 2 decades of paying rent some reasonable and some not so reasonable – we are finally thinking of buying a house in Vegas 🙂

Vegas is such an interesting place to live because you get the access to cool big city things like hotels, shows, shopping, concerts, and plenty of options for food – but you also get the reasonable cost of living. One of the reasons we chose to move in Vegas from New York is so we could be homeowners! How cute is this place we found!

There is a very cool retro vibe in some Las Vegas neighborhoods and we are drawn to the unique architecture and style of these houses. The character of the mid-century modern style is timeless.

Las Vegas McNeil Estates

There are also planned/cookie cutter communities but the Home Owner Association fees and Stepford Wives that live there remind me of the Truman Show movie. Yikes.

Las Vegas Summerlin 

I have been looking at decoration and furniture for our potential new house. I think white will be so pretty in this sunlit living room. I am also drawn to lilac, greys, and pinks too. To keep all this clean, I will be sure to have Mean Green on hand. This is the only cleaner I trust to do the job to clean all kinds of grease, dirt, and grime. Vegas is a very dusty place! It is the desert and when the storm picks up the sand, your house will need a nice sweeping.  I have even used Mean Green and my microfiber mop to do a quick once over the living room and it looks great.

Have you recently bought a house? Any advice for us newbies?

Share your cleaning hacks and I’ll greatly appreciate it!



Unlock Your Youth in 15 Minutes: a Science-Backed “Lipomask” Offers the Right Amount of Everything

The sensitive skin population is most likely to remain loyal to a particular product for
a long time, and also has the highest demands with regard to product quality. When
changes occur in an external environment, corresponding changes will occur in
delicate skin, such as dehydration, peeling, redness, swelling, and pruritus. If proper care is not administered, these changes may result in accelerated aging. TCI’s cosmet-
ics facility is the only facility that has received OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accreditation for the execution of cell and skin irritation tests to confirm non-toxicity. Hence,TCI products are 100% safe and non-irritating. TCI product range is guaran-
teed to be free from 7 major types of additives: artificial fragrances, artificial colors, alcohol, parabens, petroleum-based surfactants, mineral oil and biological hormones.
Therefore, your additive-free masks are just like another layer of skin, and can be
applied at any time!

For several years now, Asian beauty has been the trend to follow in the cosmetics world. In particular, sheet masks have become a new beauty phenomenon, popping up all over celebrities’ social media accounts and big brands’ fashion campaigns. There’s good reason for this, since these masks brighten, tighten, and hydrate the skin, leaving users looking beautiful in a flash. Plus, consumers do not have to change their skin care routine to receive the benefits from these masks.


The rare wild orchid species of Taiwan’s East Coast are delicate yet tenacious. Experiments have proven that the Young® Orchid stem cell extract can increase the expression of genes related to hyaluronic acid synthesis in the human body, and possesses excellent antioxidant properties. These features facilitate skin protection, preserve the skin’s moisture content, and enhances skin defense. In addition, it provides long-lasting hydration and regulates the water content of the skin surface.


Abandon all inhibitions in the accepting caress of the coastal wonders; discover your enthusiasm for life with the scent of the infinite ocean! The tranquility of a smooth sandy beach can change the molecular chemistry of our body. The motion of the ocean waves yields negative ions; negative ions speeds up our body’s absorption of oxygen. Negative ions also balance serotonin levels, and serotonin is the body’s mood and stress display substance. This is why scientists have associated the beach experience with mental wellbeing and overall energy, health and happiness; it may even improve the troubles of irregular sleepers.


Osmotic pressure is the force that drives the balance in intracellular and extracellular fluid concentrations. Thus, direct absorption can occur in cells, as the osmotic pressure prevents cell damage due to excessively high or low pressures. Nutrients required by the skin can be replenished instantly, and the skin’s normal circulation can be maintained.


Instant relief for dryness and itching due to skin dehydration! Every day, people are exposed to severe air pollution and omni- present irritants in the environment. Thus, it is important to care for the skin by soothing the tightness and discomfort caused by irritants. Camellia sinensis extract provides a soothing and calming effect. Glycosyl trehalose forms a special protective membrane on cell surfaces, which protects skin structures from damage and insulates the skin against external irritants. It gives you instant relief through rapid anti inflammatory and anti-itching effects.

Scientific tests have shown that the moisturizing effect of Lipomask™ is not only better than that of a general mask (by 18 percent) but also long-lasting.

Indeed, sheet masks boost skin-care and give immediate, visible results. According to Google, “masking” is currently the top skin-care trend on the Internet. A 2015 Transparency Market Research report on the evolution of the sheetmask market stated that this market has reached US$160.4 million, with growth expected to reach US$336.7 million by 2024. In short, the sheetmask market represents a huge opportunity for cosmetics brands.

Some distinguishing factors of sheet masks include their feel, fit, and functions. For those looking to give this latest skin-care craze a try, it’s important that they know the latest information when choosing the best sheet mask for the skin. Recently, TCI, a core partner of over 350 brands in 42 countries in the nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries, introduced a campaign called “Unlock Your Youth,” which illustrates in detail the newest trends and most important facts in choosing the right sheet mask.

Backed by science and proven results, “Unlock Your Youth” focuses on 2 key topics:

  1. The ingredients your skin really needs.
  2. The extent your skin really does absorb ingredients.

It must be remembered that a mask is a vehicle that delivers active ingredients to the skin to improve skin quality. Our skin really does absorb ingredients, but only to a certain extent. Now, however, the use of occlusive dressings, which are air- and water-tight trauma medical dressings used in first aid, have led to an advanced breakthrough in the penetration and absorption of active ingredients by the skin. When implemented in sheet masks, these masksbecome more conductive and help the skin to fully absorb the effective ingredients more efficiently. Although in recent years a “less is more” philosophy has often been advised for beauty routines, TCI has delivered proven results that speak for themselves: “more is more,” and your skin will glow!

Implementing occlusive dressings is only the beginning. TCI has also developed Lipomask™, a technology that uses microemulsion to form a spherical vesicle with a phospholipid bilayer, creating a structure that is similar to a cell membrane. The lipophilic ability of the outer layer of the liposome enables it to quickly penetrate the skin and effectively release the active ingredients. Scientific tests have shown that the moisturizing effect of Lipomask™ is not only better than that of a general mask (by 18 percent) but also long-lasting. In vitro test results have also shown that Lipomask™ serum quickly penetrates within 5 minutes, which is far better than general mask essence. After using Lipomask™ for 8 hours, the moisture effect is 20 percent higher than that of a general mask.

According to TCI, Lipomask™ is the result of various consumer-driven initiatives. Thanks to scientific and technical improvements, Lipomask™ delivers the right amount of actives for effective absorption by the skin. In addition, all Lipomask™ series are produced in TCI‘s S11 environmentally-friendly factory, which has been certified with LEED Gold Certification.

In this dynamic industry where people are longing for new products that make a provable difference, planning and evaluating for consumer-brand challenges has enabled OEM/ODM manufacturers like TCI to develop more effective products and bring them to market successfully.