Posts Written On February 02, 2018

Adorable New Children’s Book Encourages Patience, Trust, Loyalty and Cats!

Author Donna Sledge Casey has just released her first children’s book, “Leo at the Bus Stop,” a heartwarming children’s tale about the trust, patience and love between a young child and her pet.
The story follows a loyal cat named Leo, who waits patiently for his owner, Nicole, to return home from her day at school. Leo the cat stays by the bus stop all day long, wondering when his companion Nicole will arrive, so they can finally play together.
An Amazon reviewer describes the book as an “absolute treat! We can’t wait to see where Leo brings us next! This is a gem!”
The book is the first in a six-part series, which will follow Nicole and Leo’s antics as they learn valuable life lessons such as trust, understanding and patience.
“Leo was a present for my daughter Nicole,” the author said. “I remember how the two were inseparable. Writing this series paints a beautiful picture of the special bond between my girl and her cat.”
“Leo and the Bus Stop” is sure to touch children’s hearts as they delve into the charming stories and develop key life skills.
“Leo at the Bus Stop”
By Donna Sledge Casey
ISBN: 978-1512767162 (softcover); 978-1512767179 (electronic)
Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
About the author
Donna Sledge Casey has always enjoyed writing, and has won awards at a local level for her work. She has three grown children and two grandchildren. Casey currently resides in the state of Washington, is retired, and enjoys writing and gardening in her free time. She hopes the adventures of Leo and Nicole will be enjoyed by all.