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An Empowered Approach to Makeup – M.Y.O Cosmetic Case

Can we agree that whomever invented the traditional makeup bag clearly had not planned on women jetting around from meeting to event to a night at the bar to an impulsive weekend getaway?

Welcome to 2018; we are finally being liberated of the bulky, heavy, disorganized makeup bag of yesteryear.

The M.Y.O. Cosmetic Clutch™ signals a new era in on-the-go beauty, offering convenience, customization, and quality, all with a space-saving, eco-conscious twist.

M.Y.O. is the winner of the 2017 Cosmoprof North America Trendsetter Award. Say “hello” to a first-of-its-class cosmetic case designed to support modern women and their “go-everywhere/experience everything” lifestyles.

Now, we can easily and safely stow our favorite cosmetics—makeup and skincare—in a leak-proof, germ-proof, and oops-I-spilled-powder-all-over-the-inside-of-my-purse-proof cosmetic case that is similar in size and weight to your new iPhone.

Step 1

Makeup, Makeup Tools, & Skincare

Step 2

Pop in your Palette – Clutch Style!

Step 3

Beauty-on-the-go! Anywhere, Anytime.

M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™


M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch allows you to conveniently customize your compact / empty palette with products you want inside the clutch that’s no bigger than a smart phone.

In addition to M·Y·O Cosmetic cases made of recyclable materials and made in Canada, M·Y·O Cosmetic Cases Inc. has partnered with the World Tree’s Carbon Offset Program.

About M·Y·O:

Makeup Your Own or M·Y·O [mi-yo] is an innovative, woman-led company introducing  liberated  beauty solutions for the modern world.

In today’s high-performance and personally demanding world, women don’t have the luxury of time to invest in lengthy beauty rituals. Between the overflowing “makeup drawer” and our bulky, disorganized makeup bags, our current beauty routines are slowing us down, rather than empowering us to be the unstoppable forces we are. It’s time for an update…

No bigger than a large cellphone, M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch™ introduces a unique space-saving design that supports the “go-everywhere” attitude of today. This all-in-one magnetic makeup clutch offers a more reliable, streamlined, travel-friendly, and sustainably-minded cosmetic solution, allowing you to completely customize your on-the-go beauty selections like never before.

Designed with the flexibility to include both pan and regular makeup, makeup accessories, and skin care, each minute feature of the clutch has been thoughtfully tested and considered to ensure high-performance and protection.  Whether used for touch-ups between meetings, a trip to the gym, or a last-minute weekend getaway, M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch was designed in full support of the do-it-all women of today.

See how it works!

Proudly designed and made in beautiful Vancouver, BC, CANADA.


You Will Never Have To Wear A Boring Hair Tie Again!!!

Keep your hair out of your face as you work up a sweat!
Whether you’re a stay at home mom juggling the kids and school, walking the halls  of middle or high school, or hustling through that 9-5, find your new beauty BFF in By Lilla! Creating arm parties that double as hair accessories, By Lilla is on a mission to get rid of all ugly hair ties and change the world – one beautiful hair tie at a time.
I want to introduce some of my favorites to you.

JOSEPHINE BAKER is part of our Night Collection.  $ 24

This set is a little bit daintier, easy to wear for day or night!

MARILYN MONROE is part of our Night Collection.  $ 24

This set is a little bit daintier, easy to wear for day or night!

WORDS by Lilla

HOT SAUCE is part of our Words Collection. It contains a cute message to wear!  $ 15

MIX AND MACH with any of your stacks, use them on their own or use them to build your own stack!

LOVE SUSHI is part of our Words Collection. It contains a cute message to wear!  $ 15

MIX AND MACH with any of your stacks, use them on their own or use them to build your own stack!


A set of 5 pre-packed mini elastics to be worn as rings or at the end of your braids!!
About By Lilla

Like most of you, we’ve long had to choose between not having a hair tie handy when we need it, and the fashion fail of having an ugly black elastic adorn our wrist at all times. In 2009, we decided to stop complaining and take matters into our own hands.

We then started to developed our line of hair ties that double as bracelets and the line developed to where it is now, a complete line of hair elastics in a variation of colors and styles for everyone.

REBEL AGAINST THE BLACK ELASTIC, pokes fun at our revolution, our mission to get rid of all ugly hair ties and change the world one beautiful hair tie at a time!!

Ultimately, wherever your 147,890 lost black hair ties went, just hope they’re happy.


Quirky Items for Home by Streamline

Whether you’re decorating your first apartment or sprucing up your family home, you crave housewares that do more than just function, you want them to be fun. With Streamline you can find everything you need … and want … with a whimsical twist.

Take salt and pepper shakers. You need them, but they sure don’t have to be ordinary. Streamline offers them in adorable gnomes, playful mushrooms or magical unicorns. Need a pot for your plants? Don’t just pick up a terra cotta one at the nearest garden store. At Streamline, you can find pots as unique as your personality. Choose a sweet panda shaped one or go edgy with a pot in the shape of a skull.

Streamline offers hundreds of well-made, unique items for the house, office, travel—even the family pet! From puppy-shaped money banks to dinosaur lamps, this inventive company has something for every taste and style and makes shopping for that perfect gift so much fun!

Mermaid Salt & Pepper Shakers –  Cute little blue and white porcelain mermaid spices up your kitchen with a fun twist on a must-have item. (photo at top)

Rainbow Wine Stopper – Find your pot of gold when you cork a bottle with this adorable rainbow stopper. PLUS—each color comes apart and serves as a wine glass marker. Two gifts in one!

Unicorn Memo Tab – You’ll remember everything with this whimsical memo tab pictured with everyone’s favorite imaginary creature.

Travel Dog in a Tin – Everything you need for on-the-go dog owners: poop bags, collapsible water bowl, universal leash, glow in the dark dog tag. Your best furry friend is set!

Flamingo Pot – Give your favorite plant a home in this playful pink ceramic pot.

About Streamline: Streamline aims to create objects that do a job while making you smile. Their pieces are crafted to move with you through life, a teenage purchase becoming a timeless treasure. What began as a fashion watch maker 25 years ago, Streamline has grown into a global company with hundreds of artful, on-trend products that bring out the playful in everyone.

Consumers can find Streamline products at Wholesale customers can purchase at:


Bodyfriend Introduces Rex-L Plus Massage Chair

The new relaxation and entertainment device comes with unique massage technology and state-of-the-art design inspired by a sports car

Bodyfriend, leading health and wellness technology company and undisputed massage chair global market leader, today announced Rex-L Plus massage chair. With its smart functionalities, unique massage technology, and futuristic state-of-the-art design, the newest addition to the Bodyfriend family further raises the bar of expectations in the massage chair industry. Bodyfriend’s latest product is not just a massage chair, but a furniture fashion statement for your living room, bedroom or a den. The new relaxation device is yet another step towards Bodyfriend’s mission to help millions of people improve their lifestyle, live longer and successfully battle modern-day health challenges such as stress and insomnia.

With the new Rex-L Plus, Bodyfriend introduces a patented and previously industry-unseen massage technique called brain massage. It has two different modes – concentration and meditation. The concentration mode uses centuries-old massage techniques that encourage the brain first to stabilize and then recharge for enhanced cognitive skills. The meditation mode gives priority to stress relief, and then uses massaging techniques that result in deeper levels of relaxation. Both options use healing music with binaural beats to allow users reach a deep state of relaxation and heightened concentration levels. And if healing music is not what helps you de-stress, the Rex-L Plus gives you the option to wirelessly connect your music player and take full control over the sounds you hear during your chair time.

Rex-L Plus comes with new engineering approach that results in lower airbag compression noises and vibrations. This is fantastic news for light sleepers as decreased noise levels mean people will reach inner Zen without affecting the others around them.

“Massage chairs are not just seating objects with mechanical functions; they have a bigger purpose. Rex-L Plus is a great example as it is not just a massage chair but a stylish relaxation and entertainment device for your home,” said Taek Kim, CEO at Bodyfriend USA. “With our latest addition, we are continuing to define the future of the massage chair industry and stretch the limits of innovation in design and technology.”

The luxurious smart furniture company recently partnered up with supercar manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini, opened two showrooms in Los Angeles and plans to cover all major metropolitan areas in the US by opening additional 140 stores by 2022.

For more information, visit

About Bodyfriend

Founded in 2007, Bodyfriend is the world’s leading health and wellness technology company. It focuses on user experience and avant-garde thinking processes, unparalleled to other companies in the field. Bodyfriend has received numerous awards for their design including the iF Design Award for Innovative Design and the Red Dot Award. The company continuously revolutionizes the way massage chairs are being experienced, and the company’s visionary outlook has allowed it to consistently grow since its inception reaching yearly sales of $360 million in 2016 and topped well over $500 million in 2017. Bodyfriend is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.



Aloe Vera for your skin?

Desert Harvest’s unique Aloe Vera Gele skin care would be a great fit for you Valentine’s skincare needs.

Most people don’t realize Aloe Vera is a much healthier option than traditional skin care products that include chemicals and additives that can damage your skin. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating blemishes, acne, minor cuts or wound, a burn or a rash. It also softens dead skin cells and makes the skin smooth. It gets rid of signs of ageing like fine lines and appearance of wrinkles and relieves itching too.

Aloe Vera is at the top of the line, and here’s why!

  • Gele is 80% concentrated Aloe Vera
  • No added chemicals
  • Non-comedogenic

The succulent leaf of the aloe vera plant is one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. Recognized throughout history for a multitude of uses, the plant’s fullest capacities are only just now being widely developed for today’s health-conscious consumer. Every Desert Harvest aloe vera product is formulated specifically to maximize the benefits of the whole leaf and enhance products for internal and topical uses.

Aloe Vera Gele

Made with 80% pure aloe vera concentrate, Desert Harvest Gelé is a soothing, cold-processed gel formulated to relieve minor skin irritations. It contains all of the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and healing properties of the aloe plant in a high concentration. Desert Harvest Gelé contains the most therapeutic levels of aloe vera possible in a 100% Natural topical application and contains No Parabens.

Use a pea-sized dab and rub it into the skin wherever it is irritated. A good medium for ultrasound. You can keep it in the refrigerator and apply the Gelé cold to minor burns or to relieve swelling and redness anywhere on the body. (Desert Harvest Gelé does not have to be refrigerated.) Can also be used:

  • As a soothing topical treatment for vulvodynia (even better when it’s refrigerated).
  • On the external urethra area when it is irritated by frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • On sunburns, wind burns, and minor kitchen burns.
  • On skin rashes, chapped hands, and insect bites.
  • Under makeup to improve the condition of the skin on your face and neck.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to skin as often as desired.

All Desert Harvest aloe vera products have the anthraquinones removed (the latex chemicals in the aloe plant that cause diarrhea). Every negative side effect of aloe vera mentioned in the medical literature is related to these anthraquinones. Because we filter them out, our aloe vera products can be taken long term without negative side effects.

All of Desert Harvest’s nutritional supplements use vegetarian/vegan capsules made from 100% natural, plant-derived materials. The capsules are Kosher certified, gluten free, preservative free, starch free, non-GMO, with no chemical modification. They are manufactured in a GMP facility that meets strict ISO 9000 certification criteria.



Melissa SS18 product was launched on This collection, titled Mapping is a celebration of dissolving of boundaries. The collection features collaborations with Jason Wu, Alexandre Herchovich, Vivianne Westwood and more. As always, staying true to the brand’s core tenets all styles are 100% vegan, waterproof and recyclable.

More styles will follow on shortly. These styles will be available at and Melissa Galeria stores worldwide!

Melissa Dubrovka
A lace up heeled bootie available in black, nude and brown
Link to Retail:
Melissa Ulitsa
A beachside with laces mocking a sneaker
Link to Retail: